How To Accelerate Turtle Stores And Generate Sales Like Rabbit Stores Does? Part – 1

Recently I have reviewed some PrestaShop based store to analyze the difference between the practices of successful and non successful stores. There are many differences so I have decided to share those differences in multiple posts. I would try to recommend the solutions and modules if needed for the low performing stores to be more productive and successful.

So moving towards the differences today I will discusses the two prominent differences include the strong FAQ and testimonials section. The new store owners are constantly avoiding the importance of testimonials in generating high sales as the positive testimonials acts as a convincing factor.

The FAQ sections play an important role in reducing the customers’ queries and dissatisfaction rate. The FAQ section under each product page carrying answers related to that product will not only satisfy the customer’s query without contacting store owners or customer representative but will also improve the sales slightly.

Here are the two suggested much have modules for low performing stores to overcome these two differences and compete with successful e-commerce stores.

PrestaShop Ask a Question Module


The PrestaShop Ask a question module developed by FME Modules allows merchant to place FAQ section under each product page and allows users to post the question as well. Some screen shots of the module are as under


PrestaShop Customer Review Module


The module has been developed by FME Modules and it is also known as advance testimonials module. The module allows merchants to display testimonials prominently and allows customers to not only read but post the testimonials as well.