Why Your Product Pages Need Videos? – How Video Can Help To Increase Conversion Rate?

When you see your competitor having all basic essentials in their product page then you should go beyond by displaying videos in product pages though some are doing this but many are still underestimating the value of product videos. The aim of this post is to give e-merchant reader reason that why they need to have video in their product page and some tips on how to effectively utilize those videos.

You need videos in product pages

Yes! Your Product Pages Need Videos:

Increasing revenue is an ultimate purpose all e-merchants and they will definitely use all possible means to do so then here is the stats showing how videos can improve your sales.

  • Video Demo can increase sales up to 6% – 30% (Zappos)
  • The customers who watch videos on product pages are most likely to purchase products and directly affect the conversion rate and can help to increase it up to 25% (simplypiste.com)
  • The conversion rate can be improved up-to 44%. Practical examples – Shoeline.com
  • The video demonstration can reduce return rate up to 3% – (Ice.com)

SEO Benefits Of Videos And How To Optimize For More Traffic:

Video google search

The Google displays variety of result against each query i.e. a mix of videos and other pages. You might not be able to rank against website too early but you can against a video as there is less trend of video optimization and more of the website optimization. More traffic on your product videos more will be at your product page as well. Below are some tips which can help you to optimize your video for search engines.

  • Give Your Video Proper Title And Include Relevant Keyword
  • Create some Backlink for your videos
  • DO some initial work to get quick views by sharing your video on social media,. The video with more views is more likely to rank higher.
  • Get some comments, shares and likes to make your video popular.
  • Remember you are not trying to rank to make your video popular as in search engine results only popular videos appear to make them more popular.

Show In Video – How To Use Product? & Product In Use:

How To Use Product

The complex products deserve a video demonstration on “How To Use” as it will help customers to identify the proper way of using a product to increase its life. This will help in increasing the number of satisfied customers and it has a direct impact on brand image.  The second advantage is that it will help in converting those people in to customers who often leave the cart abundant only because its difficult to use product and they won’t be able to use it properly. The video can be further extended to show the product under use. This will help to build confidence in customer’s mind and create an urge to buy product.

The videos in a newly launched store can help to win customer trust. Online shoppers like to know about the company, employees and culture to access the trust worthiness of the company before they actually purchase the product. If you have store based on an open source shopping cart software then will not need to hire any custom developer as the market is fully of extension and modules already developed by 3rd party to assist your needs like Prestashop Product Video for Prestashop users only.