Tips For Highlighting Service Quality In Ecommerce Store

Self projection is never wrong if it stays within the limits and does not give an impression of over projection. The eCommerce stores should not only focus on describing the product quality but they should more emphasize on the quality of their services and let their customers know about it. What will you get from it? More order from old and refer customers.

Service quality

Below are some tips to that will let you highlight the quality of your services to customers without being flagged as promotional.

Highlight Your Guarantees

If you give some sort of guarantee then display it at the home page instead of mentioning it in our services or policy page. The tip is to mention the guarantee line in home page and rest details should be in the policy page or any other page from where is belongs. While highlighting the guarantee in the home stay more focused on services and less on product for example, Guaranteed 24 hours or less responding time, regular product updates.

Display Quality Service Certificates:

If you have any certification that can authenticate the quality of your service then be sure to display it at home page in the form of statement and image if possible. These authentication certificates will increase the trust of your potential customers in your business and they will be more likely to purchase product.

Have Partnership Big Brands? – Display It

If you have partnership with any well know brand then be sure to highlight it. For example if you are selling Prestashop Modules and mean while you have any partnership contract with Prestashop company it is best to display in at the home in top header. It’s about associating with big brand to promote you’re your product and services and surely people will trust your service as a big brand is doing partnership with and show you have got some different and real.

Give Your Customers Advice

Provide your customers expert advice and let your advice customer’s benefit focused not sales focused. Suggest customers, what is best for them and if you don’t offer that product don’t sell it by making false statement about product features. Make and upload buying guide on the website. If you are offering multiple versions of one product with different prices then mention the difference between them in info-graphic page.

All these tips will help you to project your services quality without being flagged as promotional. The eCommerce store like Prestashop can use different modules like slider module by fme which creates slider in the store to display banner and there is no doubt that the banners are the way to display information more effectively.