How Prestashop One Step Checkout Can Help To Improve Conversion Rate

To start a small business, a series of techniques are involved to trade in a financial and legal way. It is the quality of customer service which makes a business successful and stand above the competitors.

Loyal customers of the business are the key to success and are lifeblood of a business and to attract more customers to your products one has to offer promotions, special events offers and many other occasional slash prices. It is only the quality of after sale service which ensures that a customer keeps on returning to buy products.

customer keeps on returning to buy products

The satisfied customer gives positive feedback in the form of testimonial which helps in attracting new customers. The ecommerce experts predict that a website with positive customer reviews is more likely to have better conversion rate than that of website with no or negative reviews.

Every customer wishes to save his time and like to buy from a website which has simple user interference and an easy checkout system. If you are using Prestashop then feel yourself blessed as Fme has developed PrestaShop one step checkout for Prestashop merchants which can improve the whole checkout experience of the online store.


This plug-in reduces the six step checkout process into one step checkout to save the time of customer. The merchants can enable and disable this add on from backend to revert back to Prestashop’s default checkout process at any time.


3 thoughts on “How Prestashop One Step Checkout Can Help To Improve Conversion Rate

  1. We want to buy module “one page checkout”. It can be enabled in the administration field for the voucher, or is not there? A second question: it uses a standard module or process orders and replaces it bypasses your own? (The shop I have a lot of customization and housing stock may not work)


    • 1. Yes voucher block will work like it works in default PS.
      2. Depends on what customizations are done, if you have changed all PS ‘id’ than it may not work we need your site URL to tell for sure

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