Important Tips to Follow While writing a Press Release

What is a press release? A press Release is a written statement to the media. In this article we will discuss few important tips to follow about press release.

Headline Must be Genuine and Short


Usually the Heading is known as a eye catcher review of the whole press release. Your headline must be catchy and short that will grab the attention of the reader while scanning dozen of emails. Heading must be in bold with the first letter as capital and it should be summarizing the whole story. Your words must be attractive enough to sell the story.

Write Good Body of the PR

ImageThe Body of the Press release must be meaningful, short and compact. Because most of the readers are very busy in their work so that they do not give proper time to read the complete PR. Your first paragraphs must sum up the story and the remaining content must elaborate it. Avoid writing long sentences, repeating and overuse of language.

Add Contact information

ImageIf your story is newsworthy, then the reader would like more information about you. It is important to put contact information in the PR. Without contact info you are only telling the reporter to lose you after reading your release. Do add your office address, email ID, website address, mobile number, company’s name, telephone and fax number.

Author Bio

This article is written by Alastair Brian, who is working for FMEModules. The company is offering different PrestaShop Modules like PrestaShop Press Release which creates an attractive blog prestashop based online store.


3 Tips of How to Create a Beautiful Product Page For Your on line Web Based Store

Now-a-days having a great product to sell on line is not considered to be a enough success. In order to boost your potential sales, you must have a beautiful product page in your on line store. You have to add all the necessary details in that product pages for your customers to purchase, but not so much that it clutter your product page.

Image1. Put High Quality Images in the Product Page


When any customer visits your product page, he wants to see that what are you offering and what is he looking for. No matter how impressive your product description is, the customer would buy products by viewing the actual product. You should have high quality images for your product pages. Not only high quality images you should also have to include multiple images of different angles. Always try to utilize zoom function for images because the customers love to see 90 degree angle images.

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2. Content of the Product Pages


Product description is an important aspect that briefs what your product is about. If your product has a default description that you can copy/paste then avoid doing that, because the unique description will increase your SEO and conversion rate. Make sure that include all the features and details about your product in the description. Display “delivery details”, “returns details” and “Add/Buy to cart buttons” to make your product is more active and live.

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3. Customer Reviews about your Product


Customers love to read reviews of a product while purchasing. Customer review is an integral part for your product page. If the customer sees the other people have bought and enjoyed the product so they will happily like to buy the products. Try to increase the user reviews and feedback about your product by sending Email to the customers to post reviews. Nobody will write a review but a friendly email will force them to write review.

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4 Helpful Tips to Increase the Speed of Your PrestaShop Store

Is your PrestaShop web store is slow? Did your website take long page time to load? In the Ecommerce world the website speed directly effects your business and a slow speed website surely take your bounce rate to new height. So, If you want to prevent your customers from bouncing rate then follow these 4 tips to make your PrestaShop store more lightning quick.

1. Web Hosting For Your Web Store


There are many web hosting companies which are offering from $1 to $3 hosting per month, but many of them do not suit for your PrestaShop site. So always get hosting where your website works like an engine.

Recommended web hosting sites are bluehost, hostgator and hosting etc.

2. Disable the Used PrestaShop Extensions in Web Store

ImageWhen you install a PrestaShop module in your web store, it comes with fully-equipped features. But not every feature is for every merchant, some of these modules will likely to be never used by your web store.

These modules decrease the speed of your website. That’s why disable these modules which are not in use. By doing this means these plug-ins will never have to load. This will be a greatly accelerating step to speed up your web store.

3. Offload Your Status in Web Store

ImagePrestaShop contains built in statistics but the better one is Google analytics.

Google analytics is the best tools to know about your visitors. You can use Google analytics with your server status to keep track and at the same time you will notice a marked increases in your website.

4. Well Optimize Your Webs Store


There are normally two tools which you can use to optimize your web store and these are Google page speed and Yslow. These two tools will deeply locate your web store speed and they will correct them too. These two tools will reduce the number of request which your web store makes.

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Tips on How to Improve SEO For Your PrestaShop On line store

If you have a PrestaShop online store and you want to well facilitate your customers then you should have to keep practicing various good strategies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Kick start your PrestaShop online business with Advance PrestaShop SEO Module and Improve SEO for your Ecommerce store with the following tips. 1. Title and Meta Description must be Unique and Relevant

Title and meta description must be unique and relevant

These are the most important tags for your online web store. Make sure that all of these titles and descriptions must be accurately describing your products and services.

Take an example of that “Mobile Phone. Title: “Best Mobile Phone by Samsung company in USA(In title the optimization length which search engine accepts must be less than 65 characters) Description: “ This mobile phone company is providing a best service in the USA…….. (In the description the optimization length which search engine accepts is about 160 characters). 2. Avoid URL Duplication to Stay Safe From Penalization


It’s up to you that whether you choose your website like this or this When search engine crawler crawls both URLs as a separate sites so it will find a duplicate content between them, so it may negatively mark both of the URL’s. In order to avoid duplication you must use one URL for homepage to stay safe from penalization. 3. Avoid the Duplication of Content


Search engines is improving its understanding power day by day. Thats why you should not have to copy and paste any type of description and URL. Always use relevant keywords for your product pages to get good SERP’s. As you know that content is the king, so always use unique and quality content to attract search engines and increase website traffic.

4. Use keywords in the URL


Avoid those types of URLs which looks like a math equation or looks odd.




Use keywords in the URLs for better SEO. In PrestaShop the URL rewriting is a native feature which can be found under Preference > SEO & URLs .

5. XML Site map in Google


XML site map contains all the URLs of your website and you can define the priority of every web page. The main purpose of submitting your website is to gain more visibility in search engines.The search engines took 1 week/month to index your pages to give better ranking.

5 Important Web Pages Which Every Online Store Should Optimized

Every business man in these days is trying to create a business website to make it a  good way of earning. If you want to create a online store then you should have the following web pages on your website to get optimized.

1)  Home Page

ImageThe home page or landing page is normally the first page where visitors came to visit your website. The home page usually contains an overview of what your website is all about? Put your full detailed and information about your product/business to let them know easily.

2)  Contact Us Page


Most important page of your website which you never have to overlook. If you really want users and visitors to reaches you then configure a contact us page on your website where you can include your phone number, email address, office location etc..

3)  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

ImageFAQ Page will help you to give various answers and questions about your business and product which you thinks that people would ask. For example PrestaShop Product Questions Module is used in PrestaShop website to give the answers and questions to the users. If the explanation in the FAQ is good then its a plus point for the user to understand about your business.

4)  Testimonials Page


Testimonials is the best way to get feedback from the customers about your on line products or business. Post feedback by the top people who have tested you services so that they would drive others to your business who are also interested. e.g This PrestaShop Customer Feedback Module is used in PrestaShop to show testimonials on website.

5)  About Us Page


Most important web page which defines who you are and what you do. Usually this page defines your business and achievements. You have to give all the information about your business and clients you have done business. Inspire other about your business.