5 Important Web Pages Which Every Online Store Should Optimized

Every business man in these days is trying to create a business website to make it a  good way of earning. If you want to create a online store then you should have the following web pages on your website to get optimized.

1)  Home Page

ImageThe home page or landing page is normally the first page where visitors came to visit your website. The home page usually contains an overview of what your website is all about? Put your full detailed and information about your product/business to let them know easily.

2)  Contact Us Page


Most important page of your website which you never have to overlook. If you really want users and visitors to reaches you then configure a contact us page on your website where you can include your phone number, email address, office location etc..

3)  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

ImageFAQ Page will help you to give various answers and questions about your business and product which you thinks that people would ask. For example PrestaShop Product Questions Module is used in PrestaShop website to give the answers and questions to the users. If the explanation in the FAQ is good then its a plus point for the user to understand about your business.

4)  Testimonials Page


Testimonials is the best way to get feedback from the customers about your on line products or business. Post feedback by the top people who have tested you services so that they would drive others to your business who are also interested. e.g This PrestaShop Customer Feedback Module is used in PrestaShop to show testimonials on website.

5)  About Us Page


Most important web page which defines who you are and what you do. Usually this page defines your business and achievements. You have to give all the information about your business and clients you have done business. Inspire other about your business.


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