Tips on How to Improve SEO For Your PrestaShop On line store

If you have a PrestaShop online store and you want to well facilitate your customers then you should have to keep practicing various good strategies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Kick start your PrestaShop online business with Advance PrestaShop SEO Module and Improve SEO for your Ecommerce store with the following tips. 1. Title and Meta Description must be Unique and Relevant

Title and meta description must be unique and relevant

These are the most important tags for your online web store. Make sure that all of these titles and descriptions must be accurately describing your products and services.

Take an example of that “Mobile Phone. Title: “Best Mobile Phone by Samsung company in USA(In title the optimization length which search engine accepts must be less than 65 characters) Description: “ This mobile phone company is providing a best service in the USA…….. (In the description the optimization length which search engine accepts is about 160 characters). 2. Avoid URL Duplication to Stay Safe From Penalization


It’s up to you that whether you choose your website like this or this When search engine crawler crawls both URLs as a separate sites so it will find a duplicate content between them, so it may negatively mark both of the URL’s. In order to avoid duplication you must use one URL for homepage to stay safe from penalization. 3. Avoid the Duplication of Content


Search engines is improving its understanding power day by day. Thats why you should not have to copy and paste any type of description and URL. Always use relevant keywords for your product pages to get good SERP’s. As you know that content is the king, so always use unique and quality content to attract search engines and increase website traffic.

4. Use keywords in the URL


Avoid those types of URLs which looks like a math equation or looks odd.




Use keywords in the URLs for better SEO. In PrestaShop the URL rewriting is a native feature which can be found under Preference > SEO & URLs .

5. XML Site map in Google


XML site map contains all the URLs of your website and you can define the priority of every web page. The main purpose of submitting your website is to gain more visibility in search engines.The search engines took 1 week/month to index your pages to give better ranking.


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