4 Helpful Tips to Increase the Speed of Your PrestaShop Store

Is your PrestaShop web store is slow? Did your website take long page time to load? In the Ecommerce world the website speed directly effects your business and a slow speed website surely take your bounce rate to new height. So, If you want to prevent your customers from bouncing rate then follow these 4 tips to make your PrestaShop store more lightning quick.

1. Web Hosting For Your Web Store


There are many web hosting companies which are offering from $1 to $3 hosting per month, but many of them do not suit for your PrestaShop site. So always get hosting where your website works like an engine.

Recommended web hosting sites are bluehost, hostgator and hosting etc.

2. Disable the Used PrestaShop Extensions in Web Store

ImageWhen you install a PrestaShop module in your web store, it comes with fully-equipped features. But not every feature is for every merchant, some of these modules will likely to be never used by your web store.

These modules decrease the speed of your website. That’s why disable these modules which are not in use. By doing this means these plug-ins will never have to load. This will be a greatly accelerating step to speed up your web store.

3. Offload Your Status in Web Store

ImagePrestaShop contains built in statistics but the better one is Google analytics.

Google analytics is the best tools to know about your visitors. You can use Google analytics with your server status to keep track and at the same time you will notice a marked increases in your website.

4. Well Optimize Your Webs Store


There are normally two tools which you can use to optimize your web store and these are Google page speed and Yslow. These two tools will deeply locate your web store speed and they will correct them too. These two tools will reduce the number of request which your web store makes.

For better performance of your web store view PrestaShop SEO Module.  


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