Important Tips to Follow While writing a Press Release

What is a press release? A press Release is a written statement to the media. In this article we will discuss few important tips to follow about press release.

Headline Must be Genuine and Short


Usually the Heading is known as a eye catcher review of the whole press release. Your headline must be catchy and short that will grab the attention of the reader while scanning dozen of emails. Heading must be in bold with the first letter as capital and it should be summarizing the whole story. Your words must be attractive enough to sell the story.

Write Good Body of the PR

ImageThe Body of the Press release must be meaningful, short and compact. Because most of the readers are very busy in their work so that they do not give proper time to read the complete PR. Your first paragraphs must sum up the story and the remaining content must elaborate it. Avoid writing long sentences, repeating and overuse of language.

Add Contact information

ImageIf your story is newsworthy, then the reader would like more information about you. It is important to put contact information in the PR. Without contact info you are only telling the reporter to lose you after reading your release. Do add your office address, email ID, website address, mobile number, company’s name, telephone and fax number.

Author Bio

This article is written by Alastair Brian, who is working for FMEModules. The company is offering different PrestaShop Modules like PrestaShop Press Release which creates an attractive blog prestashop based online store.


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