How to Write FAQ for Your Ecommerce Web Store: Few Tips

Small business websites owners often spend a lot of time in tweaking the home page and shopping carts, but one important page that needs attention is the frequently asked question (FAQ) page.

The FAQ page is a document which contains commonly asked questions and answers. The customers use this FAQ page to learn about products and services.


 Ecommerce web store owners creates FAQ page as a customer service tool, so that customers can get answers to questions instead of calling or emailing.

Here are few tips to provide customer support through FAQ page.

  1. The subject heading at the top of the FAQ page must be with a hyper link that relates with a down section on the page. This will allow the customers to quickly get the question which they want to answer.
  1. Don’t use FAQ as a guide to know everything about your ecommerce website. By publishing popular questions and answers will be useful for the customers.
  1. Be sure to include a hyper link (link to resource) for additional information so that the customer can continue with a self-support service.
  1. Always use real question in FAQ page that you get from customers.
  1. Update your FAQ page with new questions and answers, and delete irrelevant questions/answers those are most common.
  1. When you need to provide instructions to answer a question, use bullets and points to list the instructions step by step.
  1. Focus on support, not on marketing. Remember that Ecommerce website pages are designed to provide customer support and services. Make sure that all the questions and answers relates to assigning customers and should not promote specific product. Marketing has no relation with FAQ page.

FAQ as a Customer Support

There are plenty of extensions and plug-ins available out there in the market for different open source shopping cart software to manage FAQ page effectively. One of them is PrestaShop Advance FAQ plug-in developed by FmeModules for PrestaShop based stores.


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