Importance of Testimonials For Your Business

What Are Testimonials 

Testimonials are basically written or a recorded statement which support your level of expertise and credibility. They represent your reputation by expressing the true words that other people have about your product/services.

What are testimonials

What is the Importance of Testimonials

A testimonial from satisfied customers represents the value of your product and services. These are powerful components of your business. They are very easy to obtain. You can get them by simply contacting your best client, and ask them to write a review about your product/services.

Mostly, in eCommerce website, people use latest testimonials to inspire their visitors with their products. Ecommerce platforms like PrestaShop, WordPress offers lot of testimonial modules which can be useful for eCommerce store owners.


How To Efficiently Use Them in Your business

Following points below will explain that how to use testimonials in your websites.

  • If you are running a business, people should interact with you and show a positive interaction in your offers. It is a good opportunity to ask them for a testimonial.
  • Verify it first that the testimonial you have received is actually written by the exact person. You should be able to tell fairly that it is not written by the real person.

How to Efficiently Use Them in Your Business

  • There are many places where you can put your testimonials. You can put them in your blog, website, pages and sales. You can make full use of your social media channel to spread it over the world. As soon as you receive new testimonial, make sure to place it on the website and share it with people.
  • It will be great if you obtain both written and video testimonials. Both are effective in different ways. Video review will touch people emotionally and visually while written review will touch people as an emotionally and mentally.

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