Features of Online Stores

Now a day, there are number of online sites which offer different kinds of products. These sites are developed in different CMS (Content Management System) e.g. PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal, Concrete5, Open Cart etc. These ecommerce stores mostly use creative themes to display store good looking and also use modules related to their CMS for improving user experience.

There are four most important features that should have in any Ecommerce store. These are as following.

Quick View Products:

Customers want to see all products detail just in a moment and if they don’t find there desired product on a site then they visit other site for getting that product. So in this situation you have to provide them very fast and instant view of products on home and category pages from where they can easily find out there required products and buy them there without any kind of hassle. So according to this situation site administrator should use Quick Products View PrestaShop Module etc. Such modules are used to provide quick products view in a popup window on home and category pages from where customers can see and buy products without leaving home and category pages. So these kinds of module offers perfect user experience and solutions to built online store’s features.

Simple and Fast Add to Cart Features:

Online store must have very fast and simple checkout process features instead of very complex and long method. If your site has very complex features then you have to improve your store by using different check out modules according to your CMS e.g. One Step checkout module etc. Such kinds of module offer very smooth and simple check out process and customers can checkout just in a single step. So if currently you are not using this module then you may be face loss in future. Because you customers will leave your check out process incomplete and they will move to another site which has a fast and easy checkout process.

Simple and Understandable Urls:

You have to use very simple and easy urls for your products, home, category and all other pages for improving user experience and also Urls should be search engine friendly. There are many tools available in the market e.g. PrestaShop SEO URL, friendly urls etc. These kinds of modules rewrite dynamically assigned urls and make them search engine friendly to rank them better e.g. domain.com/25-product-name to domain.com/product-name. So these kinds of modules also help out to site visitors to understand urls.

Customer Support Features:

Help desk and customer support service is one of most required thing for online ecommerce store that built your customers trust level. And they share there problems and issues related to your offered products or services with support/ help desk team. You can use different modules for this section e.g. PrestaShop Customer Suppor Module, help desk module etc.

If you really want to improve above described sections of web sites then you have to use described modules for your ecommerce site.


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