PrestaShop 1.6 – The Official Release of New Version

PrestaShop 1.6 – The Official Release of New VersionThe official release of PrestaShop 1.6 was scheduled on March 17, 2014; the release took place according to schedule. The new release is emendation as well as enhancement of previous versions. The new edition is capable to provide swift access to performance indicators in improvised admin panel, along with this the built-in front-end theme retains responsive layout.
Below we are presenting the areas in which latest version of PrestaShop 1.6 modules designed and renovated its aspects are mentioned below:

Emphasis Upon KPIs:

Emphasis Upon KPIsThe initial version of PrestaShop 1.6 module was released on November 19, 2014 it was fabricated to quickly display key performance indicators (KPI) about marginal profit within real time, also it mainly concentrates upon providing leading business intelligence to retailers through mechanized dashboard. The preliminary package also used to consist of performance indicators such as levels of stock, highly sold products and statistics about cart abandonment.
A trader can take benefit from the effectiveness of dashboard of new version that can efficiently provide statistics about traffic, cart values, conversion and estimation about future sales. Users can also take advantage from customization feature of dashboard that increases its usefulness; also, it can precisely forecast the ongoing trends in market.

Monitoring Of Data:

Monitoring Of Data

The ‘monitoring’ tab in the ‘catalog’ portion of dashboard provides clear detection to retailers about those categories, which are lacking attributes of commodities. Such feature is not available in contemporary ecommerce frameworks that can also be worthwhile in the management of online catalog.

Optimized Backend:

Optimized BackendThe new version of PrestaShop is capable to optimize frontend template as well as admin panel for mobile version of websites. Through devices like SmartPhones & tablets, vendors can access the valuable information by using responsive design of administration panel. The facility of mobile optimization in the backend of PrestaShop 1.6 module can bring productivity to business sites of those owners, which are merchandising at small scale along with all those features, which are available in traditional commerce.

Support For Mobile:

Support For MobileThe built-in theme of PrestaShop 1.6 retains high responsiveness as far as mobile store point of view. It is due to less consumption of load time and design is optimized in a fashion that allows comfortable tap on the pages of mobile web stores.

Enhancing Nature Amongst Competitors:

Enhancing Nature Amongst Competitors

There are eminent Ecommerce frameworks such as Volusion, Demandware, Shopify, Intershop, Magento and LemonStand are proficiently managing the online economy. Under such a competitive environment when competitors are offering competition with multiple aspects along with the growth Ecommerce community. The fresh release has proved its competency to capture market amongst other contenders. Various platforms compete on the basis of advance and improved features which are the main source of attraction for merchants on such platforms.

Swift Navigation of Categories:

Swift Navigation of CategoriesAs compared with other Ecommerce platforms, the default skin feature provided by PrestaShop 1.6 is same like other platforms, but striking aspect is that it includes all modern features. The navigation of categories supports layered and tabular format to showcase information of the commodities in a prospective manner.

Showcasing Of Commodities:

Showcasing Of Commodities

The layout of pages in the fresh version of PrestaShop, the page enlists details of product contains thorough and flexible design that provides uninterrupted flown of information regarding products. The pattern of new version is compact in a manner that enables portability of templates as well as modern features rampant in the Ecommerce industry nowadays.


How to Start an eCommerce Store without Spending Too Much Money?


How to Start an eCommerce Store without Spending Too Much Money

Importance of Web Store in business

To build a successful business, you have to avail every possibility and opportunity to take advantage from it. These possibilities might be discounts offers, better customer’s services, advertising and promotions better than the competitors. Any chance which you don’t avail goes in the favor of your competitors and you have to bear for it.
One opportunity which any businessman can’t ignore is the use of internet. More than 2.5 billion people are availing the facility of internet and millions of them are shopping online. A well planned strategy can carry out a small firm to a big enterprise. The simplest strategy is to establish an online store. It has so much advantages that an offline seller even can’t think about them.

How Online Store Saves Money?

Online stores are always money saving. You have no need to spend your time and money on doing location survey i.e. finding a good location for your store. Just you need to spend a little on purchasing website domain, hosting, shopping cart and fee for the payment methods you use on your store. These are the necessary expenses that can be covered in a short time when your business runs successfully. Some of the aspects which shows that online stores are money saving are given below;

  • Lower start-up costs

You can save millions of dollars by establishing an online store with lower startup costs. Money can be saved from following expenses.
o Rent
o utility expenses
o property tax
o Insurance
o Needs less employs and thus expenses on salaries can be reduced

  •  Less expenses on the services

Try to find those online solution providers which charges less maintenance fee for your web store’s problems. For example, “FMEModules” provides PrestaShop Services at lower costs with discount offers.

  •  Reaching the Customers

Customers can be attracted through advertising and promotional campaigns. If you place a banner of your web store on a good ranking website then it will get publicity without spending much money.

  • Doing SEO

Using SEO techniques you can considerably increase your traffic without spending much money on your web store.SEO may include Bookmarking, Ad-posting, Directory Submission, Profile Linking, forum participation, Blog posting and social sharing.

  •  Free Software and features

Try to explore the internet and find those software which are free to use. Different website provides free software like FME. In this way, you can save your expenses along with enjoying the advance features.

  • Product Testing

It is always a wise decision to introduce your products in the market i.e. distribute samples in the market before launching a web store. So that, when you start your web store, the people will be familiar with the products and they take interest in purchasing just in a short time. So you can start earning just after the establishment of your store.

  •  Improve your Social Circles

Search the people who are related to your products. Communicate with them in a polite manner such that they became a source of your selling. Make your social circle strong and discuss with them that you are starting a web store. Probably they will be helpful to introduce your store to others.

  •  Hire interns instead of Experts

Initially, hire interns instead of Experts. In this way, you will be able to get two benefits.
o Less salary expenses
o New ideas
Considering these points, an e-commerce store can be started with spending less money.



Blogs! A Good Marketing Strategy

Introduction to blog


Blogs provides a platform to the people to express their ideas, thoughts, opinions or experiences. They are used for different activities such as personal, commercial and business activities. People can get updated information of any topic easily. For example, a reader want  to get updates about new iPhone model, rather than going to a search engine, he goes to a related blog and gets his desired information. This thing not ends here but viewer can get daily updates by RSS feeds.

Blogging has become more popular due to following reasons;

  • It is an easy way of communication between people. Viewers can ask questions from the blogger which may be expert in his field.
  • Blog posts are frequently updated
  • It is easy to create and manage. Anyone having some basic knowledge of internet can maintain his blog
  • It has advance features of adding images, videos and file attachments.
  • Blogs are Search Engine friendly. If links are provided in posts, they will be indexed by crawler and help to achieve better ranking of the blog.
  • They serve as back links to your main website.

Although there are so many types of Blogs but the most important of them is business blog.

Business Blogging:

Business Blogging

Business Blog are a part of your main website i.e. it will be a separate landing page on your website. For example, FMM runs a blog which gives up-to-date information about PrestaShop. Consequently, people prefer buying from their store.

Business blogs plays an important role in the promotion and advertising of your products. Some of the benefits are;

  • Connection with customers:

Connection with customers

Web store owner attract their customers by posting quality information on their blog. Readers trust the information because they know that blog represents the company. They provide a platform to get feedback from the customers. Merchants consider their blog as marketing tool for their business.

  • SEO Friendly:

SEO Friendly

Retailers can optimize the SEO by including top searching keywords inside the articles on their blog. Search Engines prefer content than images, videos, presentation etc. This thing helps to improve the ranking of website. Consequently traffic increases on the website.

  • Trust Building:


Business blog posts only informative articles rather than advertising their business in the article. This thing help to win the customer trust. Consequently readers take interest in shopping products from that website.

  • Back Linking:


Blog articles helps to increase inbound links. More the links in the articles helps to rank better in the Search Engine. So blog is a source of Back Linking.

  • Popularity:


If a quality article is published, people take interest to share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkdn etc. This results in more popularity of your business brand.

  • Long Term Results:

Pretty blonde student woman smiling and writing

Blog Posts is a part of long term planning in establishing business. Web store owners generally focus on bookmarking and Ad-posting of their products. But problem arises when an Ad-post or bookmarking server expires after a short time. This is not in the case of Blog posts as the content remains there until you will not delete it. So business blogs are a part of long term planning.

How to avail the facility of a business blog?

avail the facility of a business blog

Creating a business blog is one of thing about which people don’t know. A lot of people have seen questioning that how to create a blog inside their PrestaShop Website as there is no built in option.  For this purpose plug-in are needed to be installed on your web domain. For example, PrestaShop blog extension is an add-on which creates a separate tab named about blog on your website. It gives an easy way to publish articles, newsletters, journals and posts on your blog.

Finally, Blogs are an easy way to represent your company. It helps to improve SERP, increase back links, builds customer trust, develops brand, and prove your authority on competitors. This is the reason why Blog marketing affects the web company’s future. The nominal cost, both economically and time-wise, joined with limitless prospective for exposure and association make business blogging a no-lose scheme.

Which Ways Can Be Deployed To Collect Feedback From Users?


Have you ever though what users perceive and respond about your products? An established PrestaShop retailer has an active schedule, but it is a difficult task to pay heed upon client reviews because it demands patience. Feedback can let you know, what is the response of customers over your product also which areas are required to be workout? By considering customer remarks, you can estimate the level of appraisal & rating given by consumers to your commodity. Such worthwhile information aids the manufacturer in improving the quality of merchandise by knowing about the taste of purchasers. Estimation about the preferences of clients helps you in making wise decisions regarding promotional plan also, areas that are needed to be workout. All there is need of taking check over never ending continuous cycle that involves changes in the product and consequent user reviews about those changes.

Those times are gone when PrestaShop website owners used to ignore the feedback of consumers because collection of such statistics involves consumption of time and resources. In this respect, here we are mentioning some inexpensive ways of collect the information regarding their inclinations.

Deploying Advance Testimonials Plug-In For Store:

Deploying Advance Testimonials Plug-In For Store

The PrestaShop customer review Add-on can be deployed on product detail & listing pages of PrestaShop oriented web-shops in order to manage testimonials. The add-on allows a customer to view & add reviews in textual as well as image format. A client can easily view the thumbnails of enlisted comments from other users, further a specific comment can also be viewed upon clicking read more button on thumbnail. Aim behind the use of testimonials is to showcase the users’ experience about the utility of commodity & service. The key advantage of testimonials is that, if response of users is positive then it can serve as a promotional material else, it can let you know about the weak points causing decline in your manufactured goods.

Community Based Consumer Reviews:

Community Based Consumer Reviews

The smartest thing about the Ecommerce hosted by PrestaShop paid plug-ins is that it supports community wise solutions for every issue that may occur to a web store. The community-based solutions has dominant benefit is that its solutions are freely available for whole community although some extensive solutions incorporate at enterprise level, but a convincing review can be used to educate at communal level. As a result, multiple users can take benefit from that snippet and any user can add valuable suggestions for sake of improvement.

Initiate Polls To Conduct Survey:


You may contact your subscribers through Email in order to conduct reviews but this way is not feasible any more. A PrestaShop website has initialization of polling feature, which are provided with predefined options to know about the interests of visitors. The importance of polls is reflected from features that increase the engagement, participation, responsiveness, comprehensiveness and stimulation of user so that you could know about the insight of the audience.

Reviews Via Forums & Social Media:

Reviews Via Forums & Social Media

Users may post reviews and questions about a specific product or service on forum threads, social media and blogs, you can use easily use these mediums to provide troubleshooting assistance against respective problem. For social media like FaceBook, you can also post a poll on the wall of social media page. Being a vendor, you can also re-tweet the solution about an issue posted in a tweet that may allow you to have instant improvement in the commodity.

How Tabs on Your Web Store Give More Exposure to Your Products


Tabs on Your Web Store Business of web stores mainly runs through their websites. Website is the first impression of a store for the customer. If the content is well managed and structured, it creates a positive impact on them. They take interest in exploring not only their required products but also others. This is an excellent reward for web store owners who have spent their lot of time in improving their website.

How to Manage Content

How to Manage Content

Now the problem is that how to make your website stylish and organized? One method to manage your contents is to add tabs on your home and product pages. TABS can assist you to manage and handle your products. These can be given custom titles which represent a category of a product. Customer can search his required product by clicking his relevant category. For example you have a shopping website where products are managed in 3 categories i.e. products for Men, Women and Children. If a woman wants to buy some product then she will directly go to the women product tab instead of scrolling a long page which may contain mixed products i.e. of men and children.

Ease of Web Store Owners

Ease of Web Store Owners

Default PHP frameworks like OpenCart, WordPress, Type3, Concrete5, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop and Drupal might not provide the facility to add tabs on Home/Product pages. To avail this facility some extra plug-in are needed. For example, in case of PrestaShop a plug-in PrestaShop new home tab Add-on is used. After installing it on domain, it provides the facility to add and manage tabs on Home pages. These tabs can be renamed as Top selling Products, Most Wanted, Featured and New products etc. Similarly if it is a product page, add tabs about Add to cart, Testimonials, FAQs, Product Videos, Images and Text. By doing this, a smart website is created which is not only beneficial for customers but also for the store owners. Some of the advantages to add tabs are:

  • Easy to manage products form back end.
  • Home page looks brief and light.
  • More information can be added on a page.
  • Gives a professional Look
  • More exposure to the products
  • User can access required information easily
  • No need to scrolling down to see products but access through a single click on tabs

All the discussion shows that tabs are necessary part of a website. They gives a new look to your website and make it customer and search engine friendly. The final result will be selling of your products.

Importance of Google Store Locator on Your Website

The Reason Why Stores are Successful

PrestaShop Store Locator

Achievement of stores depends on different factors. One of the key factors is giving the customers more worth and satisfaction. Website owners use different tactics to improve these factors. Doing this, they not only compete in the market but also boost their sales.

One of the tactics is to improve the quality and appearance style of your store’s website. If it is concise and stylish, then customer will take interest in it. They try to explore different pages if the content inside is appealing. At the other end, if website has quality products with massive and jumbled contents, the customers just open and go away.  All this discussion proves that you can sale not only quality products but also average level with sharp information and good presentation skills.

Why not use Google Store Locator


Different plug-in are used to increase the functionality of website. One of them is PrestaShop Store Locator Module by “FMM”. It explains visitors the exact location of your store.  A landing page for store locator is automatically added to your website. This landing page has following features;

  • Lists all stores in a list view as well as in map view.
  • Map markers show different store locations on the map, and on mouse over, a popup window will show quick store details such as brand name, contact information and work hours.
  • You can configure the page layout from the back office for wall page such as 1 columns, 2 columns etc.
  • Limit search to a specific radius.
  • Display all stores in a drop down.

google maps store

It is all in one module which gives complete detail of store including product availability, distance, Working hours/timing, contact info/address, longitude and latitude etc.  Clients usually go to that store for which they know the exact location because none have free time to roam for location search. It also creates a better impact on customer who thinks that the store with good presentation will have better products. If you have multiple stores at different location and each products is not available at all stores, then this Plug-in comes to your help where you can show your store’s location with respect to product and location. This Store locator is the best alternative to contact by calls for location information. By keeping in mind the above details you can attract your customers which will definitely increase your sales.