Importance of Google Store Locator on Your Website

The Reason Why Stores are Successful

PrestaShop Store Locator

Achievement of stores depends on different factors. One of the key factors is giving the customers more worth and satisfaction. Website owners use different tactics to improve these factors. Doing this, they not only compete in the market but also boost their sales.

One of the tactics is to improve the quality and appearance style of your store’s website. If it is concise and stylish, then customer will take interest in it. They try to explore different pages if the content inside is appealing. At the other end, if website has quality products with massive and jumbled contents, the customers just open and go away.  All this discussion proves that you can sale not only quality products but also average level with sharp information and good presentation skills.

Why not use Google Store Locator


Different plug-in are used to increase the functionality of website. One of them is PrestaShop Store Locator Module by “FMM”. It explains visitors the exact location of your store.  A landing page for store locator is automatically added to your website. This landing page has following features;

  • Lists all stores in a list view as well as in map view.
  • Map markers show different store locations on the map, and on mouse over, a popup window will show quick store details such as brand name, contact information and work hours.
  • You can configure the page layout from the back office for wall page such as 1 columns, 2 columns etc.
  • Limit search to a specific radius.
  • Display all stores in a drop down.

google maps store

It is all in one module which gives complete detail of store including product availability, distance, Working hours/timing, contact info/address, longitude and latitude etc.  Clients usually go to that store for which they know the exact location because none have free time to roam for location search. It also creates a better impact on customer who thinks that the store with good presentation will have better products. If you have multiple stores at different location and each products is not available at all stores, then this Plug-in comes to your help where you can show your store’s location with respect to product and location. This Store locator is the best alternative to contact by calls for location information. By keeping in mind the above details you can attract your customers which will definitely increase your sales.


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