How Tabs on Your Web Store Give More Exposure to Your Products


Tabs on Your Web Store Business of web stores mainly runs through their websites. Website is the first impression of a store for the customer. If the content is well managed and structured, it creates a positive impact on them. They take interest in exploring not only their required products but also others. This is an excellent reward for web store owners who have spent their lot of time in improving their website.

How to Manage Content

How to Manage Content

Now the problem is that how to make your website stylish and organized? One method to manage your contents is to add tabs on your home and product pages. TABS can assist you to manage and handle your products. These can be given custom titles which represent a category of a product. Customer can search his required product by clicking his relevant category. For example you have a shopping website where products are managed in 3 categories i.e. products for Men, Women and Children. If a woman wants to buy some product then she will directly go to the women product tab instead of scrolling a long page which may contain mixed products i.e. of men and children.

Ease of Web Store Owners

Ease of Web Store Owners

Default PHP frameworks like OpenCart, WordPress, Type3, Concrete5, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop and Drupal might not provide the facility to add tabs on Home/Product pages. To avail this facility some extra plug-in are needed. For example, in case of PrestaShop a plug-in PrestaShop new home tab Add-on is used. After installing it on domain, it provides the facility to add and manage tabs on Home pages. These tabs can be renamed as Top selling Products, Most Wanted, Featured and New products etc. Similarly if it is a product page, add tabs about Add to cart, Testimonials, FAQs, Product Videos, Images and Text. By doing this, a smart website is created which is not only beneficial for customers but also for the store owners. Some of the advantages to add tabs are:

  • Easy to manage products form back end.
  • Home page looks brief and light.
  • More information can be added on a page.
  • Gives a professional Look
  • More exposure to the products
  • User can access required information easily
  • No need to scrolling down to see products but access through a single click on tabs

All the discussion shows that tabs are necessary part of a website. They gives a new look to your website and make it customer and search engine friendly. The final result will be selling of your products.


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