Which Ways Can Be Deployed To Collect Feedback From Users?


Have you ever though what users perceive and respond about your products? An established PrestaShop retailer has an active schedule, but it is a difficult task to pay heed upon client reviews because it demands patience. Feedback can let you know, what is the response of customers over your product also which areas are required to be workout? By considering customer remarks, you can estimate the level of appraisal & rating given by consumers to your commodity. Such worthwhile information aids the manufacturer in improving the quality of merchandise by knowing about the taste of purchasers. Estimation about the preferences of clients helps you in making wise decisions regarding promotional plan also, areas that are needed to be workout. All there is need of taking check over never ending continuous cycle that involves changes in the product and consequent user reviews about those changes.

Those times are gone when PrestaShop website owners used to ignore the feedback of consumers because collection of such statistics involves consumption of time and resources. In this respect, here we are mentioning some inexpensive ways of collect the information regarding their inclinations.

Deploying Advance Testimonials Plug-In For Store:

Deploying Advance Testimonials Plug-In For Store

The PrestaShop customer review Add-on can be deployed on product detail & listing pages of PrestaShop oriented web-shops in order to manage testimonials. The add-on allows a customer to view & add reviews in textual as well as image format. A client can easily view the thumbnails of enlisted comments from other users, further a specific comment can also be viewed upon clicking read more button on thumbnail. Aim behind the use of testimonials is to showcase the users’ experience about the utility of commodity & service. The key advantage of testimonials is that, if response of users is positive then it can serve as a promotional material else, it can let you know about the weak points causing decline in your manufactured goods.

Community Based Consumer Reviews:

Community Based Consumer Reviews

The smartest thing about the Ecommerce hosted by PrestaShop paid plug-ins is that it supports community wise solutions for every issue that may occur to a web store. The community-based solutions has dominant benefit is that its solutions are freely available for whole community although some extensive solutions incorporate at enterprise level, but a convincing review can be used to educate at communal level. As a result, multiple users can take benefit from that snippet and any user can add valuable suggestions for sake of improvement.

Initiate Polls To Conduct Survey:


You may contact your subscribers through Email in order to conduct reviews but this way is not feasible any more. A PrestaShop website has initialization of polling feature, which are provided with predefined options to know about the interests of visitors. The importance of polls is reflected from features that increase the engagement, participation, responsiveness, comprehensiveness and stimulation of user so that you could know about the insight of the audience.

Reviews Via Forums & Social Media:

Reviews Via Forums & Social Media

Users may post reviews and questions about a specific product or service on forum threads, social media and blogs, you can use easily use these mediums to provide troubleshooting assistance against respective problem. For social media like FaceBook, you can also post a poll on the wall of social media page. Being a vendor, you can also re-tweet the solution about an issue posted in a tweet that may allow you to have instant improvement in the commodity.


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