Blogs! A Good Marketing Strategy

Introduction to blog


Blogs provides a platform to the people to express their ideas, thoughts, opinions or experiences. They are used for different activities such as personal, commercial and business activities. People can get updated information of any topic easily. For example, a reader want  to get updates about new iPhone model, rather than going to a search engine, he goes to a related blog and gets his desired information. This thing not ends here but viewer can get daily updates by RSS feeds.

Blogging has become more popular due to following reasons;

  • It is an easy way of communication between people. Viewers can ask questions from the blogger which may be expert in his field.
  • Blog posts are frequently updated
  • It is easy to create and manage. Anyone having some basic knowledge of internet can maintain his blog
  • It has advance features of adding images, videos and file attachments.
  • Blogs are Search Engine friendly. If links are provided in posts, they will be indexed by crawler and help to achieve better ranking of the blog.
  • They serve as back links to your main website.

Although there are so many types of Blogs but the most important of them is business blog.

Business Blogging:

Business Blogging

Business Blog are a part of your main website i.e. it will be a separate landing page on your website. For example, FMM runs a blog which gives up-to-date information about PrestaShop. Consequently, people prefer buying from their store.

Business blogs plays an important role in the promotion and advertising of your products. Some of the benefits are;

  • Connection with customers:

Connection with customers

Web store owner attract their customers by posting quality information on their blog. Readers trust the information because they know that blog represents the company. They provide a platform to get feedback from the customers. Merchants consider their blog as marketing tool for their business.

  • SEO Friendly:

SEO Friendly

Retailers can optimize the SEO by including top searching keywords inside the articles on their blog. Search Engines prefer content than images, videos, presentation etc. This thing helps to improve the ranking of website. Consequently traffic increases on the website.

  • Trust Building:


Business blog posts only informative articles rather than advertising their business in the article. This thing help to win the customer trust. Consequently readers take interest in shopping products from that website.

  • Back Linking:


Blog articles helps to increase inbound links. More the links in the articles helps to rank better in the Search Engine. So blog is a source of Back Linking.

  • Popularity:


If a quality article is published, people take interest to share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkdn etc. This results in more popularity of your business brand.

  • Long Term Results:

Pretty blonde student woman smiling and writing

Blog Posts is a part of long term planning in establishing business. Web store owners generally focus on bookmarking and Ad-posting of their products. But problem arises when an Ad-post or bookmarking server expires after a short time. This is not in the case of Blog posts as the content remains there until you will not delete it. So business blogs are a part of long term planning.

How to avail the facility of a business blog?

avail the facility of a business blog

Creating a business blog is one of thing about which people don’t know. A lot of people have seen questioning that how to create a blog inside their PrestaShop Website as there is no built in option.  For this purpose plug-in are needed to be installed on your web domain. For example, PrestaShop blog extension is an add-on which creates a separate tab named about blog on your website. It gives an easy way to publish articles, newsletters, journals and posts on your blog.

Finally, Blogs are an easy way to represent your company. It helps to improve SERP, increase back links, builds customer trust, develops brand, and prove your authority on competitors. This is the reason why Blog marketing affects the web company’s future. The nominal cost, both economically and time-wise, joined with limitless prospective for exposure and association make business blogging a no-lose scheme.


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