How to Start an eCommerce Store without Spending Too Much Money?


How to Start an eCommerce Store without Spending Too Much Money

Importance of Web Store in business

To build a successful business, you have to avail every possibility and opportunity to take advantage from it. These possibilities might be discounts offers, better customer’s services, advertising and promotions better than the competitors. Any chance which you don’t avail goes in the favor of your competitors and you have to bear for it.
One opportunity which any businessman can’t ignore is the use of internet. More than 2.5 billion people are availing the facility of internet and millions of them are shopping online. A well planned strategy can carry out a small firm to a big enterprise. The simplest strategy is to establish an online store. It has so much advantages that an offline seller even can’t think about them.

How Online Store Saves Money?

Online stores are always money saving. You have no need to spend your time and money on doing location survey i.e. finding a good location for your store. Just you need to spend a little on purchasing website domain, hosting, shopping cart and fee for the payment methods you use on your store. These are the necessary expenses that can be covered in a short time when your business runs successfully. Some of the aspects which shows that online stores are money saving are given below;

  • Lower start-up costs

You can save millions of dollars by establishing an online store with lower startup costs. Money can be saved from following expenses.
o Rent
o utility expenses
o property tax
o Insurance
o Needs less employs and thus expenses on salaries can be reduced

  •  Less expenses on the services

Try to find those online solution providers which charges less maintenance fee for your web store’s problems. For example, “FMEModules” provides PrestaShop Services at lower costs with discount offers.

  •  Reaching the Customers

Customers can be attracted through advertising and promotional campaigns. If you place a banner of your web store on a good ranking website then it will get publicity without spending much money.

  • Doing SEO

Using SEO techniques you can considerably increase your traffic without spending much money on your web store.SEO may include Bookmarking, Ad-posting, Directory Submission, Profile Linking, forum participation, Blog posting and social sharing.

  •  Free Software and features

Try to explore the internet and find those software which are free to use. Different website provides free software like FME. In this way, you can save your expenses along with enjoying the advance features.

  • Product Testing

It is always a wise decision to introduce your products in the market i.e. distribute samples in the market before launching a web store. So that, when you start your web store, the people will be familiar with the products and they take interest in purchasing just in a short time. So you can start earning just after the establishment of your store.

  •  Improve your Social Circles

Search the people who are related to your products. Communicate with them in a polite manner such that they became a source of your selling. Make your social circle strong and discuss with them that you are starting a web store. Probably they will be helpful to introduce your store to others.

  •  Hire interns instead of Experts

Initially, hire interns instead of Experts. In this way, you will be able to get two benefits.
o Less salary expenses
o New ideas
Considering these points, an e-commerce store can be started with spending less money.




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