Importance of Meta Descriptions in the Search Results for Online Stores

PrestaShop SEO

Are you explaining your site visitors in 2, 3 phrases, what they are expecting on your website? For instance, you use so called Description tag. In Google’s language, it is called Meta Description. All key search engines like Yahoo and Google etc. uses your description tag. The question arises here, where should you add this description tag? Today we will discuss how and where you can create separate Meta titles for CMS, Categories and product pages?

With the passage of time period, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is varying and evolving, so being an e-merchant it’s important for you to keep up yourself with optimization trends and techniques. Meta tags should be in all of your WebPages, instead of just in first index page. You should make sure that on every page of your site, relevant Meta tags are added.

While creating Meta tags, relevant and correspond to the text on exact page keywords and phrases should be added. It might be a lot of work but don’t worry if you are running a PrestaShop based shopping cart. Now, with PrestaShop Search Engine Optimization Module you can automatically creates Meta title and keywords for Category, CMS, and product pages on your site. This SEO Module is consisting on intelligent formula for this purpose and it ensures that your website is in good books of search engine.

You may think that anything you place in your Meta description tag will be default description and search engine will use it under the clickable link to your site in search result. Sometimes this happens but not always.

Suppose that, if you are opening a URL in search engine Google will use first few words up to round about 25 for your Meta Description in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

On the other hand, Bing and Yahoo! Do not always default to the Meta description tag for URL searches. Sometime they do or some time not.

Obviously, real humans are not typically searching for a site by URL, so it is not important that what the search engine is showing for those types of search queries as a true keyword search. So you need, not to hung up on, what you see when you search for your website by its URL.


Some Beneficial Recommendations to Achieve Success on PrestaShop Store

Some Hidden Tips to Achieve Goal – PrestaShop Commerce

Every kind of Ecommerce shop where it is operating at small or large scale has common aims, which are conversions of visitors, as it serves as oxygenating activity for online business. The conversion is the ultimate goal of the any PrestaShop store because it makes efficient generation of revenue. The crux of the subject is that from start to end there are numerous activities involved in the way such as generating the lead that ultimately points towards conversion. Every activity makes a merchant aware, what are the liking, at what step you lost the conversion and which measures should be taken in order to remove the flaws of conversion funnel.

A discussed above conversion is considered as success, in this regard, I am mentioning some hidden tips, which you might not be emphasizing during the campaign:

Support for Smartphone:

Support for Smartphone

A survey conducted by Google and Nielsen reveals that nearly ninety-three percent of people who made searches regarding specific commodity by using smart-phones, they bought that product. These are the significant figures, which can really change the state of any web shop such as PrestaShop. In this regard, the website of store should cater following aspects of optimization for mobile surfers:

  • The buttons on the page should have prominent appearance from usage point of view.
  • The layout of pages should have design according to the screen sizes followed by mobile devices.
  • The load time of mobile supported pages should be quick enough with high bandwidths.

Sound Graphics & Images:

Sound Graphics & Images

We often see during normal surfing, an image or animation has high click through rate as compared with the content for sake of marketing, certainly it is well said that “an image is more attention grabbing than thousand words”. Most of the merchandisers don’t concentrate upon such area they rather focus on content management. For that reason here are some of the tips to improve promotional campaign by using images:

  • The quality of image should be optimum rather than it is heavier in size that has high loading time.
  • The product images should be magnifyable so that client can view in-depth desired detail.
  • The series of images should have same background because it reflects the consistency and uniformity from user point of view.

Robust Searching:

Robust Searching

If a consumer is trying to locate a commodity on your PrestaShop store that can meet his demands then he is having enhanced experience from your respect. It is a good idea to have search facility on your website but it will be useful in that scenario when client is aware of merchandise that exists on your domain. A PrestaShop based web shop enables a searcher to explore the search query at both front as well as back of the searching tools.

  • At the front level: A consumer finds characterization of product on the basis of aspects such as color, size and price. Such devising enables the appropriation of searching criteria that is intended by user.
  • At the back level: This involves refinement of widely used search terminologies by mentioning those terms are commonly used.