FMM’s Two New Modules Are Available at PrestaShop Official Market Place

Do you know, the Products of FMEModules are also available on PrestaShop Add-ons? Now, you can also get FME’s Products from PrestaShop add-ons. FMEModules has launched its two new products, by maintaining their tradition to launch trendy modules. These modules are named as PrestaShop Promotion Blocks and PrestaShop Static Block which are also available on FMEModules and Add-ons, let’s discuss these extensions briefly.

PrestaShop Promotion blocks

Do you wish to add unlimited static block on your website? Of course, every store owner wishes to have promotion blocks on their website. FMM’s PrestaShop Promotion block module allows you to add unlimited product blocks on your website to show custom contents. You can add as many products as you want because the scroller of this module displays product in a user friendly manner in a block. By using this promotion block module you can set the labels of products and you can add block on left/right or any place where u desire.


PrestaShop Static Block

PrestaShop Static block module is another quality achievement of FMM. This PrestaShop HTML module allows you to add static block module on header and footer. This PrestaShop News module enables you to add content using MCE editor and you can add images, videos, banners, signups etc. you can use custom CSS to style the content in static blocks.



4 Tips For Increasing Your Website Traffic

It is undeniable fact that marketing plays a major role in the prosperity of PrestaShop website. That is why it is natural, marketing remains capturing the focus of storeowners from the beginning. In case, if you only aim about traditional strategies like backlinking to raise website traffic, then you might be on the verge to lose potential customers.
Given below tips can surely benefit your Ecommerce store with increased traffic and even you could double it, by doing little work out on the promotional strategy.
1.       Use Long Keyword Variations For WebPages:
It can be an easy job to focus on search terms with short & high search volumes, as they could be easily researched and identified. In fact, long-tail search queries comprising of three or more than five words are likely to increase 80% to 90% traffic on your Ecommerce store.
2323 As compared with short-tailed phrases, the keywords having long-tail could be easily ranked on search engines and generate significant conversions. In order to expand the usage of long-tail keywords, here is the way to augment the website traffic:
9a)      Be Clear About Factors Affecting Long-Tail Variations:
Take an example of “PrestaShop block” presented on eStore and you want to optimize the webpage for possible searches. In that case, you may need to use Google Keyword Tool, where long-tail variations could be easily noted, or you may refer to the search results bottom where Google also shows some relevant searches.
b)      Adjust Modifiers Within The Copy Of Page:
Since “advertising block” is intended item, then it should be strictly optimized for “PrestaShop block module”. You shouldn’t use exact long-tail search phrase in the targeted page, you should try to variate a unique term at the end of “PrestaShop block” to enhance the probability of better ranking.
You can notice the modifiers adjusted after the “PrestaShop block” that is the name of our targeted product, by adding new modifiers like “social module”, “various link footer”, “social” and other variations into the copy of page, it could be potentially ranked for variety of search queries.
It should be noted that modifiers for branded keywords such as ‘best purchase’ won’t be useful with the “PrestaShop block”, we should incorporate alternative modifiers that make webpage more searchable to users.
2.       Include Snippets Within Search Results:
Rich snippets displays information of webpage containing your merchandise like price, review count, availability etc. in search results. The search result snippet enables viewers to discover useful information about the product or website in a quicker manner without visiting the respective page.
4In December 2011, SearchEngineLand revealed that rich snippets influence the preferences of viewers by increasing click through rate up to 30%, which is a significant raise that enables storeowners to boost traffic without spending extra budget on marketing and ads making.
Before setting up rich snippets on eStore, you should be aware about the pattern of implementation of snippets feature supported by your Ecommerce platform. After establishing necessary arrangements on online business, it will be wise to use Google’s testing tool of rich snippets to avoid any display hazard.
a)      Google’s Authorship & Video Thumbnail:
The product based rich snippets are more productive to PrestaShop storeowners, because there are other two types of listings Google Authorship and video thumbnails that are capable to present the convincing information about the webpage.
By displaying authorship markup, you can acclaim yourself as a writer along with author profile that appears in the search engine content listings. As far as video thumbnail is concerned, it is the playable video embedded in the search result. The way rich snippets influence search results, both Google Authorship and video thumbnail can be a great source to increase the click through rate on related pages.

3.       Take Advantage Of Internal Linking:

You might be aware of importance of getting links from external websites, but few people are aware about the significance of internal links from ranking perspective. If you want to boost the ranking of your webpage, then you should consider linking with an existing high authority pages, the authoritative website passes authority to your domain that is better for high ranking. You can perform following tasks in order to do so:
·         Prepare the list of highly ranked websites, from where you could conveniently obtain link from that domain.
·         Spot those pages of your website that are rich in ‘SEO Link Juice’ i.e. greater authority.
·         Include link of your targeted page in the page having greater page authority.
·         The link incorporation in the authority page must be naturally embedded anchor text that retain high relevancy to the keyword of targeted page.
In most of the cases, homepage of any website can be the most authoritative page, otherwise you could also use Open site Explorer that can be handy in searching internal links of any domain in descending order by Page Authority that enables you to view authoritative internal page. You can read more about internal linking on SEO blogs.
Alternately, you could also use PrestaShop block advertising that enables you to place unlimited blocks for multiple products on homepage at any position and it can become a great source to provide internal page linking.