FMM’s Two New Modules Are Available at PrestaShop Official Market Place

Do you know, the Products of FMEModules are also available on PrestaShop Add-ons? Now, you can also get FME’s Products from PrestaShop add-ons. FMEModules has launched its two new products, by maintaining their tradition to launch trendy modules. These modules are named as PrestaShop Promotion Blocks and PrestaShop Static Block which are also available on FMEModules and Add-ons, let’s discuss these extensions briefly.

PrestaShop Promotion blocks

Do you wish to add unlimited static block on your website? Of course, every store owner wishes to have promotion blocks on their website. FMM’s PrestaShop Promotion block module allows you to add unlimited product blocks on your website to show custom contents. You can add as many products as you want because the scroller of this module displays product in a user friendly manner in a block. By using this promotion block module you can set the labels of products and you can add block on left/right or any place where u desire.


PrestaShop Static Block

PrestaShop Static block module is another quality achievement of FMM. This PrestaShop HTML module allows you to add static block module on header and footer. This PrestaShop News module enables you to add content using MCE editor and you can add images, videos, banners, signups etc. you can use custom CSS to style the content in static blocks.



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