5 Steps to Manage Your Christmas Event in PrestaShop Online-Store

Closeup calendar page with drawing-pins

In the era of virtual mall nothing is untouched from the magic of E- Store. Even weddings and Christmas type events are also now managed on internet. There are different platforms which are used for online business; PrestaShop is one of the best online shopping carts which are used in almost all kind of online business. Today we will discuss about how you can organize your Christmas and other events on PrestaShop based store.

Now, you can organize your events like Christmas events etc. on PrestaShop store by using different modules available in market. Events Manager plug-in is one the best Event Manager which supports PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6.x version. This PrestaShop module allows you following five deferent ways to organize your store.

1.     Online Ticketing:

Online Ticketing

Selling tickets online enables your customers or potential attendees won’t have to wait for particular time for buying tickets. Being an organizer this events manager module saves your excessive fees by other ticketing services.  Once anyone makes a decision to go for your event, he/she has to just go online, see the event details and make a purchase. This removes the risk of having potential guests avoid purchasing a ticket because of a trouble that can be easily fixed with the access of internet.

2.      Events venue is shown on Google Maps

Events venue is shown on Google Maps

To get an idea of the event places distance, Google Maps is a really good marketing tool for online businesses. PrestaShop events manager module shows Google Maps on your computer.

3.      Event Calendar:

Event Calendar

This Event Calendar plug-in shows events in a popup and includes a link to wall page you can manage more events at once and this calendar will remind you all feature coming events.

4.      Separate Wall Page for Events:

Create a Separate wall page for events show each event with a thumbnail, time/date & venue, short description and a Read more link by using this FMM’s Module

5.      Image Gallery, Videos and Social Sharing Feature:

Showing images relating to your events are really attractive sign for visitors, you can show slider show on event detail page. It also allows you to insert embedded videos of YouTube on event page. You can socially share your events for the purpose of advertisement on Facebook, twitter and linked-in etc.