Pop-Up, The Best Practice for E-Commerce in 2015

FMM notification bar module

Pop-ups are considered bad on internet due to the huge advertisement. We know that pop-ups are considered annoying and it’s a controversial topic. But many popular websites are using it for some other benefits.

Today we will discuss, does the Pop-up are best practices in 2015 on e-commerce web-sites? We will show the efficiency and effectiveness of popup and how to use them intelligently.

Explanation of Pop-Ups:

There are many kinds of pop-up and their ultimately goal is to bring or show the box or window from bottom to top on screen. In Short they cover content to show up other information.

We can differentiate Pop up in following two ways like Pop-ups and Pop-ins. When, automatically a new browser window opens in front of your screen, without of any action from you this is called a Pop-up. While when, a page or box opens with-in a website page rather than a new window is known as pop-in. There are different names of these interfaces but the most commonly used name is the Pop-up. People consider pop-in as pop-up so we will use the term Pop-up in this article for both the pop-in and pop-up.

Pop-Up on E-Commerce site:

Now a day, pop-ups are used by many e-commerce websites to conduct different surveys, promote newsletter subscriptions and also to increase fans on social media. These kinds of op-ups are also used for special offers.

A pop-up shows higher conversion rate rather than a simply published on the website content. You cannot deny this fact that, this approach attracts visitor’s attention and does a better job.

Best Practices for E-Commerce:

Here the few tips for best practices to create effective POP-Up, remember few things mentioned below for a quality Pop-up at your E-Commerce blog.

  • Always use a light box Pop-up.
  • Show the close option clear and in front with a clearly visible cross sign.
  • Try to open a pop-up at once in front of a customer. Track that Pop-up through cookies so that it will not open every time.
  • You should always set your Pop-up to appear after a few times like a minute or two minutes so that visitor can know better about your website.
  • Always focus on you attitude while making Pop-up, which means focus on customer’s benefit.

Avoid Following things:

You should need to avoid following Practices while showing Pop-Up

  • Don’t use Pop-ups too much it may be indexed as spam.
  • Don’t ask your customer to provide all information, which is time consuming just ask him about basic information like e mail and name in more than enough for newsletter sigh-up.
  • Don’t use Pop-up at the time when user is almost leaving the page. It may leave for good.

How to Insert Pop up in Your PrestaShop Store:

You can insert Pop up in your store by different ways like by coding method or by using pop up addon by FMM.

At the end conclusion is that, there is no denying that pop ups are intrusive, they can provide you amazing results but you just need to use them carefully. It’s all upon you that how you use them if you use it wisely then they are your best fellows.


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