Top 4 Advantages of Using Gift Cards on Your Website


Everybody goes for gift cards since they are handy to purchase on the web or physical as well as they permit the receiver to obtain the things they like, therefore everybody is pleased with them.

Carolroth, a well known business blogging website has revealed in one of their article that in the process of building the customers trust, gift card plays an important role. They collected the opinions of about hundred entrepreneurs, and more than half of them told that they prefer gift cards to keep a follow up with their customers.

Why Gift Cards are preferred in eBusiness?

Here are some of the reasons that why gift cards are preferred by the people,

Easiness of buying

People generally prefer easiness rather than uniqueness in buying gift cards. Therefore, when you have gift cards available for sale in your store or on your web site, then you definitely gain an opportunity of deserving for all those valued gift card dollars.

Up-sell gift Certificates

If gift cards are displayed when customers are checking out for other products, then they willingly buy those products along with gift cards. This is a great example of upselling of gift cards.

Bring New Customers

A well placed gift card is able to deliver a couple of clients into your store, the giver along with the receiver of the gift card. It is possible to give incentive for each party and motivate return visits. For example, a sender on purchasing a gift card of 200$ gets an additional gift card of 10$ and the receiver on receiving the gift card will get a discount on other store products. This strategy can help to bring more customers.

Relationship Building

With an e-gift card program, you have the chance to interact with gift givers and receivers in an alternative way, with several angles. Recipients will probably check out your website to launch the gift card, verify the charges, load the card, notice what’s retailed, see shop hours etc. In this way, sender and receivers has a strong interaction with you as now they are familiar with your brand or shop.

These are the benefits of starting a gift card program on your store, but now the question arises that how we can get maximum advantage from gift card program.

How to get maximum advantage of gift card program?

It is not a wise decision to start a new store, which only sells gift cards. Although it is possible, but it is less beneficial as compared to when you start the gift program as a side business i.e. you runs an ecommerce store for example in PrestaShop and selling different products for example shoes, clothes, shirts etc. On the same store, you start a gift card program by making a page of gifts. In this way, you not only can run a side business of gift cards but also bring new customers for your actual business.

Gift Card plugin for PrestaShop can help you to create a separate page of gift card, where you can run a gift program successfully. This add-on empowers the e-merchants to take the benefits from all the features of making and selling gift cards on the PrestaShop website. It enables the retailers to create the cards for the clients or even allow them to design and purchase the gift cards from the website.


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