Problem of Abandoned Cart and How to Avoid It

Abandonment Cart PrestaShop

Let’s think that you are managing a profitable e-shop. You’ve received a massive number of visitors, as well as clients are taking interest in your products and services. Perhaps you have secured all the foundations of your e-store?

Not really. You can definitely be suffering from plenty of missed sales.

How? By means of shopping cart abandonment.

A study shows that 67.45% of online shopping carts are tossed away before the client ends a successful sale. That signifies that you can get 3% more sales by minimizing the chances of abandonment carts.

At this point, it perhaps not easy to catch all cart-abandoners to pass through checkout and multiply your earnings. Various clients may have not visited your store with intent to buy. However it’s worthy to fix or solve out the issues related to unsuccessful carts.

Top 3 Reasons of Cart Abandonments

Listed below are a few causes that why clients give up their shopping carts without buying.

1.     Prices may be more than customers’ expectation

Customers may think that the price that you are offering is more than that offered by others in the marketplace. So the customers leave away your store and visit some other store.

2.     Customers may be comparing the prices

Customers may be just browsing your store’s products, and they are thinking to buy those products at some later time. A similar case is that customers may be comparing the final price of your products (including taxes and shipping cost) with your competitors.

3.     User Interface Difficulty

Customers may be facing some difficulty during checkout specially, when checkout process consists of more than one step. Another difficulty which clients face is cart editing i.e. adding or removing products from cart.

How to recover unsuccessful sales

Right now, we want to focus at one of the most effective way to restore dropped clients when they give up their carts: Follow-up the customers. In our previous article about customers’ follow-up, we discussed that sending gift card to the customers is beneficial to bring back the customers. But now we are introducing a more powerful way: Reminder E-mail Program, after that we’ll discuss the application for setting up abandoned cart email system.

Significance of abandoned Cart Reminder emails

If you have chosen PrestaShop as your store’s shopping cart, then abandoned cart are natural due to the fact that Presta checkout consists of six steps and also registration process is annoying.

To restore unsuccessful carts, abandoned cart e-mails are sent out to those clients who have placed some products to their cart however remain unsuccessful to check out.
It’s exceptionally effective sales restoration strategy. You need to realize the reason that why clients are frequently abandons their carts on your store.

Parts of Abandoned Carts email

An abandoned cart email has generally two parts. In the first part, customers are reminded about their abandoned cart entry and the second part is about offering the discounts prices and coupons.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

It’s possible that with passage of time, your clients determine that they have to buy from your store certainly after a market survey. At this time, it is better to send him a reminder e-mail which contains the item detail and cart restore link.


·        Offer Discount Prices

The majority of clients give up their carts since the total price may be more than as they predicted.
When folks look at how much they’re heading to spend, they’re generally adding the charges of each item they put into the cart. They don’t definitely consider taxations or delivery charges, but when they will, they frequently refuse the final estimate.
There’s an effective way to bring back the clients who have been discouraged away by the pricing: Offer a discount price.


That’s fine with the emails template and its parts but how to setup an automatic customized system to send abandoned cart email to the customers.

How to setup Abandoned Cart Mails System?

In PrestaShop, if you want to setup an abandoned cart system, then you have to use some external module like Abandoned Cart Reminder Email System developed by FMEModules. By the use of such module, you can customize your reminder emails by including discounted offers, coupon codes and survey forms. Such email systems also sends an automated email at your store’s BO, when customers abandons the cart so that you can easily track the customers with abandoned carts.

Final Words

You observed that abandoned cart e-mails are simple to setup, and also it can be something that everyone can do to minimize abandoned cart rates on the webstores.


One thought on “Problem of Abandoned Cart and How to Avoid It

  1. Amelia Johns says:

    The abandoned cart system discussed here is quite useful specially the email format and its parts. I will surely check and test this system on my store.

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