PrestaShop Is Available For Download

PrestaShop-1.6.011 FMEModules

New Year gift from PrestaShop community, new update is available for download. We “FMEModules” want to say thanks to the entire Community who examined, debugged and enhanced this most up-to-date version and presented it to PrestaShop users.

Useful Resources

Also, get the New Year gift from FMEModules which is offering 30% discount on all PrestaShop Modules, themes and custom work.

Download PrestaShop latest version here:

Countless Innovative Characteristics and Features in!

Over three hundred upgrades and completely new functions are included in the new version. You can see complete information on PrestaShop changelog, however the primary upgrades are given below:
1 – Enhanced taxes and rounding maintenance.
2 – Enhanced particular cost rate reductions and handling related price ranges including/excluding VAT.
3 – New Costa Rica localization package.
4 – Choice to handle back-office orders in index mode.
5 – Significant improvement of the Wish list module.
6 – Revised taxes and states for Canada.

Tax and Rounding Management

This has become the primary success of the new version. PrestaShop from now on presents tremendously enhanced handling of taxes and then rounding them by providing you a larger preference and better flexibility while setting up your variables. Here’s what you really need to know about PrestaShop

1. Taxes computations executed by item, product line or overall items.
2. New rounding operations: Half-Up rounding to the closest whole number and, particularly, the Half Even or Bankers’ rounding way for rounding to the closest even number.
3. Choice to group the wanted number of decimal places, that may influence the number of decimals utilized in all the cost calculations for your online shop.
You will find information on how to get these types of adjustments to your shop in these documents!

And so, what exactly are you delays for? The New Year is the ideal time for you to upgrade your shops!


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