“Pre-Order Available” Status for Products in PrestaShop

Pre order PrestaShop Module

Are you still running online store with old and out dated techniques e.g. product display and selling? This is fine, if you are satisfied with your business revenue but in case, either your sales are not increasing or your competitors are getting an edge on you, then you must have to think about changing your business strategy. Particularly, you need some innovative ideas which your competitors are not adapting on their stores. In today’s blog, I am going to discuss one of the innovate idea which will surely help you to get lead on your competitors.

Pre-Ordering and Advance Booking Feature

Although, there are many ideas like private sales, upselling, cross selling, related product display, gift card program, but I think the simplest and successful feature is the “Preordering and advance booking” which can help you in this regard.

In this feature, merchants can display a preorder button below the product images. This function is used when those products are out of stock or still not launched in the market. Customers who are interest to buy those products can preorder them. These products will delivers to them on availability in the stock.


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This Pre-Ordering feature is beneficial for both customers and merchants. Let’s discuss some of the benefits here.

Customers’ Benefits:

In this case, customers have a chance to get their desired product at the earliest time i.e. on availability of product in stock. They became hassle free from the thinking that the product will again get short in the market.

Merchants’ Benefits:

Merchants get a chance to know that what the actual demand of those products in market is. So, they can order or manufacture the products according to the market demand.

Example # 1

You want to launch new software in the market and before development; you want to know the market demand of that software. This is a good thinking as the case may happen that you spent time and money on developing a product and nobody purchase it. In this case, it’s a wise decision to enable a pre order function for that software.

Secondly, during the preordering time, merchants can create a buzz about the products in the market with innovation in marketing campaigns.

Example # 2

Extending the above example here, you have allowed pre order function. It’s good to introduce the new product in the market. Now you can create a market buzz for that product giving you two advantages at the same time. First advantage is that you have introduced the product and captured a huge market i.e. brand and product awareness at the same time. Secondly, you will be able to know the market demand of that software.

How to avail pre-order in PrestaShop eCommerce Store?

Being the second best platform in the market, I am discussing here PrestaShop. Preorder feature needs hooks and intelligent js functions to get the feature but here for reader convenience I am given a ready-made solution for it named “pre-order & notification modulewhich has an easy procedure to show pre order button and add to wait list button below the product images. Read more about this module here.

Product Attribute and countdown option

Through this module admin can configure countdown for availability of products, availability date, and the initial quantity.

This system also allows the customers to choose product attributes such as size, color of product. This plug-in insure the customers to get a notification when the pre-ordered product became available in the market and delivered to them.


Advance booking option is a good way to do a market analysis/demand for certain products. This feature ensures the merchants that they will not get loss in their business due to the reason of improper market demand analysis. This feature will hopefully given the merchants an edge over their competitors.


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