Why Flash Sales are Important? PrestaShop Ecommerce

Success of sales offers depends on strategy and planning of your advertising campaigns. A poor strategy may lead to insufficient sales and a good planning can work for your offer. It shows that the success of a sale offer depends on marketing strategy which you apply for the offer promotion.

When talking about offer promotion, the key thing is to reach out each and every customer or related person and make sure that the customers will get interested into your sales offer. In other words, you have to popularize your offer in public. Now look for best tips to do the promotion of your offer.

How to Make Your Sale Offer Successful?

One of the best ways to make your sale offers successful is to convince your website visitors about sales offer. Do something unique that can make your website visitors interested in your campaigns.

In today’s blog, we are introducing a new approach to make customers familiar about your offers and that is Flash Sales. Now, let’s check more details about it.

What are Flash Sales and How They Are Affective?

Flash sales are a way to display your offers on your store. This display may be of any type, like popup window display, a banner in the header/footer, floating or static block etc.  All these are traditional tactics but why not go for an advanced system like displaying a catchy banner with a countdown timer, which can be shown at the footer on all pages like on Home Page, Category, CMS, Products, manufacturers and suppliers pages.


How to Add Flash Sales in PrestaShop?

As always, you will need to install a Flash sales plugin to get this functionality, as it is not present by default. Plugins can help you add flash sales on desired location of your website, customize images, and do a lot more with the plenty of features included e.g. PrestaShop countdown timer by FME offers:

  • Flash Sales can be displayed on home page and inner pages at left column
  • For multiple offers, run a slider to show all flash sales
  • When clicked on flash sales, it directs to flash sales offered products.
  • Product combination support
  • Set initial and final date for flash sales
  • Set customized title for flash sales
  • Set discount type for products, fixed or percentage.
  • Custom image support for sales slider
  • Multiple font support, color schemes and layout for flash sales.

Benefits of Flash Sales

Flash sales are a good way to drive heavy traffic to your store, making it possible to get new customers, increase revenue and get future turnover. Promos are always the most effective way to catch the attention of potential clients. The fact is that with flash sales you might be able to provide your customers a new reason to purchase from you! This kind of deal is perfect for raising revenues and to become prepared you to attain true victory in future but keep this thing in mind that your flash sale offer should be exceptional and unique that can catch the customers in their first visit of your store.


Now your customers will no more afraid of missing best deal or sale offer because they you are going to provide them the best way to get in touch with the offers countdown.


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