How To Use Email Newsletters Correctly in PrestaShop Ecommerce?

newslAn effective e-mail newsletters campaign is a fundamental key to make new customers and to retain older ones. Based on Marketing Sherpa’s Benchmark Report 60% of advertising experts watched ROI for Email marketing campaigns.

You might be receiving newsletters of different companies daily in your email. Some of those, you open and read it and some other you neglect. The reason is that you like to read only those letters which target your needs.

It means that newsletters sent to targeted audience are quite helpful for e-merchants. If done correctly, they can bring tons of traffic on your store.

Let’s have a quick insight on newsletters their successful implementation

  • What are newsletters
  • Benefits of Newsletters
  • Newsletter sending in PrestaShop Ecommerce
  • Conclusion


Useful Resources

PrestaShop Newsletter Block is quite helpful to setup email newsletter system.


What are newsletters?

According to Wikipedia definition “A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that is generally about one main topic of interest to its subscribers.”

Benefits of Newsletters

Newsletters are a good technique to keep your clients updated about your store. They provide you a way to promote your sales offers, discount coupons or even introduce new products in front of customers.

Here are some top benefits:

  1. Promote your promotional campaigns
  2. Advertise your sale offers for example for Christmas, Winter sales etc.
  3. They are helpful to keep the customer updated about new product of your store.
  4. Helps to make a strong relationship with customers.
  5. It shows the care which you do for your potential customers.

Let’s have a look that how newsletters system can be used for store owners? specifically discussing here, PrestaShop as most of the store owners are using PrestaShop ecommerce and they need information about newsletters.

How to send newsletters in PrestaShop?

Capture 2

Newsletters strategy can be implemented in PrestaShop but unfortunately, the default module available in standard version can just organize email ids of subscribers. Lack of email sending option and other advance features are missing in this default plug-in. I have found a good module for newsletter by FME sending which is loaded with advance features like customized newsletter template, subscription monitoring, email server configuration and others that are listed below;

  • Subscribers CSV list management and uploading at the back-end.
  • Manage and Monitor newsletters subscribers
  • Step by Step process for newsletter sending and formatting
  • Categorized subscriber list, newsletter can be send to particular category of subscribers.
  • Responsive template for newsletters
  • History checking for letters

Check front and backend demo to know more detail about newsletter module


Newsletters make it easy to boost up traffic and sales of your store. It needs fewer resources and the benefits are much greater. This initial step is making a list of targeted subscribers and then goes ahead to the successful business.


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