How To Update Bulk Product Prices In PrestaShop?

Do you have a large product catalog in PrestaShop store and needs to frequently change the products prices in bulk for certain reasons?

Unfortunately, PrestaShop by default does not provide any functionality of updating prices in bulk. Let’s understand it by a simple example, when you want to change the prices of some categories of your store by 20% or by a fixed value, then the default solution in PrestaShop is to change the price of each product one by one.

Why Bulk Price Update is a Problem?

If you have thousands of products, then it becomes tedious to do it manually. PrestaShop by default does not allow changing the product prices in bulk. Definitely, you will be looking for some automated solution which can do this job in an automated way saving lot of your time and resources. We have tested this useful module “PrestaShop mass price update module” that can change the prices of product within seconds. You will just have to set a value [Percentage or flat] in the back-office configuration to increase or decrease the products prices.

bulk price


Useful Resources:

Download more modules like this on FME Premium PrestaShop Addons Store.


When You Need To Update Prices In Bulk?

Here, we have demonstrated some cases where you need to update prices in bulk

  • Market prices of products vary time to time. So you need to update prices frequently to cope with frequent price fluctuations.
  • Special Events like Christmas, New Year, summer/winter sales strongly needs a price update i.e. discounted prices. Also, after such events, you have to restore the original prices.
  • When suppliers/manufactures increases/decreases the products’ prices.
  • When shipping cost or Vat Sales Taxes increased by the government.

Here, we will discuss some of the top features of this module.

PrestaShop Bulk Product Price Update Module

Updating product prices has been made easy by this module. You can update prices of all products of store within few minutes. If time saving is your goal, then this plug-in is a must have for you. This mass price update PrestaShop plug-in saves a lot of time which you might have to spend for manually updating product prices. Here are its key features:

Key Features

  • Products will be shown in a category tree enabling you to select your desired category to update prices.
  • Price Update may be fixed or in percentage.
  • Price can be increased/decreased.
  • Multiple options are available for products prices update like retail price, unit price or wholesale price.
  • Free product prices will not be affected
  • The price update will be ignored if the discount value is greater than the price of the product.
  • Simple and easy configuration

Use this PrestaShop mass price update module to reduce complexity and save a lot of time.


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