Top 5 Free Newsletter Templates for 2015

When it comes to marketing and promotion of a business, product or service, newsletter plays an important role. They serve as a great source of making everything viral. You can pitch your advertising content along with the informative information about your store.

You get the emails addresses and subscribers of your newsletter and have written a good content in your newsletter but still you will lag, if the newsletter template is not perfect i.e. according to the reader’s choice.

Top 2 Things that influence Newsletter Template

Give below are top two aspects of a newsletter template

  • It should be responsive.
  • It should make use of intelligent graphics.

Keeping these two things in mind, I am suggesting you here two ways to design your email newsletter.

  • Make use of Plugins to design your newsletter.
  • Use default newsletter templates.

Make use of Plugins to design your newsletter

Now a day, such plugins/applications are available in the market which lets you to create and customize the newsletter template. Generalizing this application a little bit for PrestaShop that has won CMS critic award for 2014, one such plugin is newsletter pro PrestaShop, that not only can help you to customize the newsletter template but one can also manage subscribers and send newsletter in bulk. If you are looking for more customization options, subscribers handling and sending bulk newsletter, it’s better to use this plugin.

Make use of default templates

I have collected some best newsletters templates for you. Those are mostly used by companies in the year 2015. These templates are free to download.

  1. Hero Responsive Newsletter Template

This is a perfect theme if you want to use large images, text, and more information link followed by social media block.

hero template

Free Download                 Live Demo

Top Features

  • Use 600*300 image with description
  • One Main Heading
  • Description
  • More information link
  • Social Media block


  1. Antwort Responsive Newsletter Template

This Antwort Responsive Newsletter Template can be best viewed on mobile and handheld devices. This template can be configured with top email servers e.g. Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail. This theme is facilitated by FAQ document and style guide.


Free Download                                 Live Demo

Top Features

  • Suitable for smart devices
  • Multiple column layout
  • Columns conversion into rows when viewed through mobile device.


  1. Campaign Responsive Newsletter Template

Campaign Responsive Newsletter Template builder is used to create your own template. It has very easy options for template customization and others settings. You have the facility to choose your own template, color combinations and fonts.


Free Download                                 Live Demo

Top features

  • Build your own responsive theme
  • Custom color and font selection
  • Very easy configuration options


  1. Emailology Responsive Newsletter Template 

This Emailology Responsive Newsletter Template is specially designed to view on mobile devices. You can create your own newsletter block in it. You can download the free template after providing your email address in the given fields.


Free Download                                 Live Demo

Top features

  • Can be best viewed through mobile devices.
  • Easy customization options to create different sections
  • 3 Different layouts and upto 3 columns


  1. Welcome Responsive Newsletter Template

Welcome Responsive Newsletter Template is used to welcome the new subscriber. This should be your first welcome message to your news subscribers.


Free Download                                 Live Demo

Top Features

  • Perfect for sending first newsletter.
  • Use the click back link


Hopefully, now you will be able to select the best template for your newsletter. Let me know that which way of designing newsletter is best i.e. either use of newsletter pro module or use a default template, write below in comments sections.


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