How to Use PrestaShop Mass Price Update Extension by FMEModules

It is sole desire of each e-merchant to manage inventory of his store in a short time. The reason behind is that handling a lot of products, defining their prices, applying tax rules, setting payment gateways and other tasks are quite time consuming. These tasks often need several business days, and also resources to do them.

In today’s blog, I am addressing the same issue that how retailer can save a lot of time. Possibly the most time consuming task is to update the prices of products frequently. It really becomes a headache when there 1000’s of products needs prices updates.


Let’s suppose you have a clothes store based in PrestaShop and manufactures of your products has increased prices of all products. Updating prices one by one for each product needs a lot of time and effort but with the use of mass price update plugin for PrestaShop by FME Modules, this task can be done within minutes.

How to Use PrestaShop Bulk Price Update FME Module?

Given here the steps through which you can change the products prices in bulk;

Step 1: Login to your Store’s Backend

PrestaShop Bulk Price 1

Step 2: Look for the module>module section

PrestaShop bulk price 2

Step 3: Find the Bulk Price Update By FMEModules and click on configure.

PrestaShop Bulk Price 3


Step 4: Select the category of products for which you needs price update.

PrestaShop Bulk Price 4

Step 5: Select “add to price” or “subtract from price”. Also select price update way, flat change or percentage change.

PrestaShop bulk Price update 5 and 6

Step 6: Input the value in the required fields, do you want to change whole sale price, retail price or unit price.

PrestaShop bulk price update 7

Step 7: Click on Save and now you can see that prices of a specific category are changed now.

PrestaShop Bulk Price Update 8


This bulk price plugin from FME saves you from lot of complication and you will be able to utilize your precious time in some other useful activities.


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