How to Use FME’s PrestaShop Brand Plus Module? – User Guide

Managing and handling different brands in the same store is a difficult task. To do it in an efficient way, brand categorization and product association with related brand is best solution for it. According to which, somewhere at the store, there is the list of brand logos in a slider or in some other way. When visitors click over a brand logo, they will go to a landing page where they can see all the products by that brand. The logic behind is just simple, you have to associate each product with its brand.

How to Use FME’s PrestaShop Brand Plus Module?

Although, the above mentioned logic is a bit simple to implement but it needs a lot of customization from the back-end. To facilitate the merchants, “FME” has developed a Displaying Brand Logos in the Manufacturers block PrestaShop Module that is capable to do this job automatically within minutes.

In today’s blog, you will learn the use of this module by separate explanation of front and back-end demo.

Frontend Demo

When you click on the frontend demo, at home page of your store, customers will be able to see a brand slider comprising logos of different suppliers and manufactures. On clicking one of the logo, customers can see all the products of that brand.

Frontend 1

At category pages, visitors can see the products associated with the related brand.

Frontend 2

Backend Demo

Step 1: Go to the backend demo link and provide account credentials as can be seen on that page.


Step 2: Go to the MODULES>Modules and find the Brand Plus by FMM Modules and click on configure.


Step 3: From the opened page, you can do the general settings as can be seen in the image below.

general settings

Step 4: Go to the CATALOG>Suppliers or Manufacturers.


Step 5: Click on add new supplier/manufacturer from the page and provide necessary details.


Step 6: Go to the CATALOG>Products, where you can see all the products available in your store.

video 2

Step 7: Click on any product, for which you want to define the suppliers or manufacturers.


Step 8: Go to supplier/manufacturer page and select product association.



Step 9: Click on save button.

It was all about the user guide of FMEModules PrestaShop Brand plus Module, If you have any confusion, feel free to ask by commenting below.


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