How to Use FME’s Static HTML Blocks Module in PrestaShop? – User Guide

static-blocks-prestashopDo you want to add text, images, videos, banners, signup, table etc., in your PrestaShop web-store? This can be done easily through using Presta Plugin for Static HTML Blocks Creation by FME. Basically, each website is made up of different entities called blocks.

Take the example of PrestaShop default theme, where you can see separate blocks for slider, social media, newsletter, follow us, information, contact us. These are fixed blocks and one can’t put his desired entity in it, neither admin can change the position of this blocks. This function can be availed by the use of PrestaShop content block module.Blocks

How to Use FME’s Static HTML Blocks in PrestaShop?

The idea behind is just simple, place anything in blocks and position it on your store like header, footer, middle, left right corner.  In today’s blog, I will describe the front and backend demo of this PrestaShop html blocks module;

Frontend Demo

Go to the front-end Demo, where you can see multiple blocks at different positions like top block, middle block and footer block etc.


Go to the category page where you can see a left column block.


Go the product page where you can see footer block.


Backoffice Demo

Step 1: Go to the BackOffice demo link of this Static Block Pro PrestaShop plugin and give credentials mentioned at that page.


Step 2: Go to the MODULES>Modules and search for FMM Static Blocks by FME Modules, click on configure.


Step 3: You can create a new block or edit an existing one. Here, I will show you creation of new block. Click on + button that is visible inside the config. page.

configure Page

Step 4: When clicked on + button, a page will open through which you can set block entities as shown in figure.


Step 5: On create block page, you can create a new block and set others options as can be seen in the image.

New Block Create

Step 6: Click on Save button.

For demo, we have created a new block on product page footer for which you can see the front end and back end option.

Backend Settings


Frontend Display

New block at Front End

This was all about the demo and user guide of fixed block PrestaShop module. If you still have any confusion, feel free to ask.


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