How to Use Abandoned Cart Reminder Email Module by FME? – User Guide

Abandoned cart ratio is quite high for ecommerce stores especially in PrestaShop and Magento. Beside the other reasons, lengthy checkout is one of the possible reasons for them. It is a big loss for e-merchants because if these carts are completed, they can get a lot more sales.

Following the problem, it’s wise decision to try to recover each and every lost sale. An effective solution is to send abandoned cart reminder emails to the lost customers. PrestaShop by default don’t allow sending abandoned cart emails to the merchants. For merchant’s convenience, we are recommending here a module, Presta Cart Reminder Email Sender Plugin by FME that not only can send reminder emails but also merchants can customize the email body such as adding the coupon codes into it.

Given below the user guide for this abandoned cart reminder PrestaShop extension that will help you to use it correctly on PrestaShop store;

How to Use Abandoned Cart Reminder Email Module?

Backend Demo

Step 1: Go to the backend demo of PrestaShop abandoned carts plugin and fill in the credentials for to login.

Login Page

Step 2: Go to the MODULES>Modules and search for Abandoned Carts by FME Modules. Click on the config. Button.

Configuration Page

Step 3: On configuration page, you can set different options like enable/disable coupon, set validity, set discount value. Another option is auto sending reminder email or manual sending. Save these settings after any change here.


Step 4: To manage the lost customers individually, go to the dashboard and click on ABANDONED CARTS>customers. Here on this page, you will see the list of lost customers.

Customer Customize

Step 5: Clicking on any of the lost customers, you can see more information about the customers like registration date, total order placed, total spend amount and cart summary. You can click on “Send Alert Email” for manual sending of reminder email.

Customer info

Front End Demo

Go to the front end demo of this PrestaShop cart abandonment module, place any product in your cart, put your information and leave the cart without checkout. You will see an abandoned cart entry at the backend demo of this module.

Abandoned Cart 1

Note: You will see your entry after 24 hours because PrestaShop by default logs abandoned cart entry after one day at the admin panel.


Use this abandoned cart reminder extension for PrestaShop by FME that will surely help you to recover lost sales and get more revenue in this way.


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