How to Use PrestaShop Gift Card Module by FME? – User Guide

Do you want to get extra revenue and traffic on your store? It is possible by starting a gift card program on your store. According to which, you can setup a gift card landing page on your store beside your actual business and then allow your website visitors to see, purchase and send gift card to their friends and contacts. This gift card program will give your extra benefit of more sales and traffic that will definitely boost your actual business.

“FMEModules” that is well known for developing top PrestaShop modules has brought a PrestaShop gift on order module that is capable to create a gift card page on your store including new gift creation, gift vouchers, discount codes and much more. When your customers will register an account on your store, my gift card tabs will be created in their account through which they can buy and manage gifts.

Given below the guide to use this PrestaShop gift voucher module effectively on your PrestaShop store;

How to Use Gift Card Module by FME?

We will discuss here the front and backend demo of this module by creating a sample gift card from backend and then showing it on frontend. That will definitely help you to understand the usage well.

Backend Demo                                                            

Step 1: Go to backend demo of this module; fill admin credentials given at the page and login to the admin panel.

login page

Step 2: Go to dashboard and click on add gift card.

add gifts

Step 3: From add gift card page, you can create a new gift by filling the necessary fields like card name, image, quantity, length of voucher, discount, validity, status, gift type etc. For example, we create a gift with name Christmas Gift, having other files as shown in image.

new gift

Step 5: You can set discount on shipping or for a specific product from here.

Discount for specific product

Step 5: Click on save.

Note: You can view and edit the previously created gifts by clicking on GIFT CARDS>View.

previous gifts

Front End Demo

Now go to front end demo of PrestaShop gift certificates where you can see the newly created gift.

gift card on frontend

General Settings

For general settings of this module, go to MODULES>modules, search for Gift Card module by FMM and click on arrow button. From here you can set different options like module installed, delete and others.

general settings


This was all about user guide of this module. For further queries or question, comment below or directly contact us here.


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