How to Use Custom Checkout Fields Creator Module by FMEModules? – User Guide

Extra information of customers can be used for running promotion campaign, getting customers feedback or to conduct a survey about your products. For example, you can ask home address of customers and send gifts cards at their birthdays. In some cases, it is the need of the merchants to get some extra information from customers like to ask how many employees you have, or how many store you run?

What is the best place to get Extra information of the customers?

Now question arises in mind, that what is the best place to get such information? This is probably the place where you interact with the customers. It should be checkout page of your website because normally customers fill content of this page carefully. In this way, just create some extra fields at checkout page of the web-store and all will be done.

How to create extra fields at checkout page?

When it comes to PrestaShop checkout, admin can’t create his desired fields. To create extra fields, use the Additional basket Fields extension by FME for PrestaShop that is quite helpful to make any type of field at checkout like text field, text area, date, yes/no, multi-select, drop-down, checkbox, radio button, and message only.

How to Use Custom Checkout Fields Creator Module by FMEModules?

Given below the guide to use this plugin on PrestaShop your store;

Backend Demo

Step 1: Go to backend demo of PrestaShop order attributes module, fill in the credentials and sign in.

account login

Step 2: From the dashboard, Click on CUSTOM FIELDS that will take you the page from where you can create a new field or edit an old one.

custom fields

Step 3: Click on + button to create a new fields. For example, we created here a date fields with name “Date of First Visit”. Fill the necessary fields and click on save. See figure for more information.

Date Field

Step 4: After the field creation, you can see this newly created field from the list.

Date of First

Go to the frontend demo of this PrestaShop checkout fields module, where you can see the newly created field.

Date of Fist Visit

You can create other fields in a similar fashion.

General Module Settings

To enable or disable module, go to dashboard and Click on MODULES>modules and search for custom fields by FMM Modules. Click the error for accessing different options.



PrestaShop checkout fields’ plugin provides the easiest way to create all type of fields on checkout page. If you have any question about this module, feel free to comment below or directly contact us on our website and we will provide you best answer.


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