How to Use PrestaShop Print Label Extension by FMEModules – User Guide

One of our client Jason Reddy runs an online PrestaShop electronics stores in Austin. He started his store about one year ago. Until now he was processing his orders with manual printing of shipping labels. But with increasing number of orders about 30 to 50/day, it has become a headache for him to print labels manually one by one. He came to us so that we help him to print orders automatically.

Shipping label

Understanding the problem of him, we developed PrestaShop print label module for him and now he is able to print labels in minutes. Now, he has to go to each order from the order page and print label for all of them in one click.

This plug-in is useful for those PrestaShop users who process a lot of order in one day and want to cut short the time of printing labels. You can see more features of this plug-in here.

How to Use PrestaShop Print Label Extension by FMEModules?

Backend Demo

Step 1: Go to backend demo of this Print Shipping Labels PrestaShop Module and fill in credentials as given in at the demo page.

account login

Step 2: Go to ORDERS>orders and where you can see all the orders placed on your store.

all orders

Step 3: Select any of the order for which you want to print label. This will take you to the order detail page.

Print label

Step 4: Click on the print label button and fill in the necessary fields as shown in figure. Select size of label like big or small, change order status.

print label

Step 5: Click on generate button that will make your label ready to print. You can save this order slip as pdf for further use or print at the time.

order sample

General Settings: To enable/disable module and other options, go to MODULES>modules and search for print label pro module by FME Modules, click on arrow for different options.

General Settings


Video Guide

Now it is become easier for PrestaShop merchants to save a lot of time which they have to consume in printing label task before. For any other query about PrestaShop Print Labels Pro Module, feel free to contact us.


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