How to Use PrestaShop Private Sales Module by FME? – User Guide

How the growth of a store can be measured? The best way of measurement is to analyze its sales for a long period and if they show consistency or increase, it shows that store is growing. Now next comes that how to get consistent sales. The best way to do it is to make a strong customer base. Deal with your customer in a way that they like to remain in touch with your for life time. The result of which you can see in the periods when the overall sales trends are low or new customer are not coming at your store.

How to Get Strong Customer Base?

To get a strong customer base you can you can give special offers to your existing customer by making a private sales section on your store. You can offer special discounted rates to specific customer group of your customer such that only those customers can avail this offer. You can make a private sales shop by using Private Shop PrestaShop Module that is capable to create separate customer groups and give special offers to him. Given below the user guide to use this module;

How to Use Private Sales Module by FME?

Step 1: Go to the backend demo of private shop PrestaShop extension and fill your credentials.

account login

Step 2: Go to CUSTOMERS>groups and click on + to create a new group.

PS VS Shopify

Step 3: As a sample, we have created a group “50% Special Discount Group” which will show in the list after clicking on the save button. You can edit the details of this group and other groups from this page.

50% category block

New Group

Step 4: Now Go to CUSTOMERS>customers where you will see all the registered customer of your store. You can even add new customers by clicking on the + button. From the opened menu, you can assign customer group that you have already created.

Pretty URLs

Step 5: You can assign the customer to any group for example we have created “50% Special Discount Group”.


Step 6: Now click on PRIVATE SALES from dashboard. From the opened page either you can edit a previous offer or create a new one.

uGly vs clean ulrs

Step 7: Give Sale offer details as given in the image and then click on save.


blocks in PrestaShop

Now go to the front end demo of your store, where you can see the created private sales, categories and products.

Step 8: Go to MODULES>modules and configure Private Sale Module by FMM. From the options you can customize private sales block and set active/inactive for offers.



Now all customers can see the private sale offers, they can subscribe the offers and become potential customers to get these offers. For more details visit FMEModules website.


One thought on “How to Use PrestaShop Private Sales Module by FME? – User Guide

  1. jawadtahir9 says:

    The way you have made the tutorial is pretty much convincing. Yes, this module has some special feature in it. I think is will be helpful when you have limited quantity of stock and you want to give those products only to selected people.

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