How to Use PrestaShop Upsell Module by FME? – User Guide

Are your experiencing low sales on your PrestaShop store?

One of the people reason may be that your product are not getting enough exposure. Since you have thousand of products, categories and sub categories its natural that some products may got less exposure as compared to others.

Today we have come with an excellent idea that can help you to expose all of your products. The idea is to show related products at the cart page. You can show low visible products in customer checkout form since customer may choose some related product also and your sales increases.



  1. You are purchasing a laptop from an online store. At checkout page, you see some laptop bags and purchase a suitable one.
  2. You are buying iPhone 5 from a store, and at checkout page, you see that iPhone 6 is also available there. For merchant it’s beneficial to sell more expensive product than the cheaper.

How to Show Upsell at Customers Checkout Page in PrestaShop?

FMEModules that is best company for developing PrestaShop modules and themes has made a perfect solution for it, use FME’s Upsell Ecommerce Plugin that can make the process more simple and smooth. You just have to set that which product should appear for checkout. You can offer discounts for upselling products by a fixed amount or percentage value.

How to Use PrestaShop Upsell Module by FME?

You have to follow some steps to make use of PrestaShop Upsell Module by FME. Given below some back and front end settings of this

Create an Upsell Promotion

Step 1: Go to backend of your store and input credentials.

account login

Step 2: Go to UP SELL PRODUCTS and click on Add promotion. From the opened page, you have to put in the fields required for up selling like Promotion name, Promotion Description, Activate/deactivate offer, Product name, combination, availability dates, and discount as can be seen in the image.


Finally click on save button and your promo offer will be active.

To view the list of promotion offers for editing or deleting, you can UP SELL PRODUCTS>View and see the list.


Frontend View of up selling Products

For demo checking of the module, go to the frontend demo, add some product into your cart and at checkout page, you will see up selling products.

Upsell products


Upsell module for PrestaShop stores provides you the best way to upsell your low selling items. Give discount to make sure fast selling and as a result get rid of your old inventory.


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