How to Use PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module by FMEModules – User Guide

There is a famous proverb, “First Impression is the last impression.” When it comes to a website, home page is the first impression of a business. Its design, components and layout make the customer to roll back in just seconds or stay at the home page along with visiting subpages. It shows that home page should have all the necessary components i.e. Website logo, About us, privacy policy, sitemap, contact information etc. If you have incorporated all these components and still customers are bouncing back.

This is a time to think more about landing page components. Probably you’re missing the FAQ page from your store. It is actually most important because this provides the way to the new visitors to clear their queries about any product or service provided by you.

What you need for FAQ Page?

If you have a PrestaShop store, make sure that you have a separate landing page for FAQ page where FAQ should be organized in categories e.g. Product FAQ, Service FAQ etc. New visitors will be able to see FAQ, reply/rate a question or even ask a new question.

How to create a landing page of FAQ?

Making a landing page of FAQ on home page of PrestaShop store is not too simple like WordPress. For this purpose, you can use Stylish FAQ Plugin for Presta that not only can help you to create such page but also give you added functionality as discussed under the last heading.

faq 3

How to Use PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module by FMEModules?

This PrestaShop FAQ extension automatically creates a separate landing page on home page of your store. You can do extra settings by module configuration as given below in the steps;

Create Topics and FAQ

Step 1: Go to backend of you store and fill in the credentials.

account login

Step 2: From dashboard menus, Go to ADVANCE FAQS>manage topics, from where you can create/edit the topics of faq page.


Step 3: Click on the + sign which will open a new page for topic creation. Fill in the necessary fields and click on save and your topic will be created.


Step 4: Go to dashboard>ADVACNE FAQS>manage faqs from where you can create new question and answers and select the specific category for them as created in Step 3.

faq create


Click on save and your faq will be created in specific category.

Module Configuration Settings

Step 5: Go to MODULES>modules, access Advance Faqs and click on configure.

configure faq module

Step 6: On configuration page, you will see about 6 sections from where you can configure different settings as given in images.


Front End View

Go to frontend of your store, where you will be able to see faq page along with other features such as faq block, search faq, ask a question and others.

Faq 1

ask question

Final Remarks

Advance FAQ is an important component of home page. Therefore extended functionality and attractive design can make your customer satisfied from your store.


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