How to Use PrestaShop Product Tabs Module by FME – User Guide

Making an online PrestaShop store is not a big issue. Just you need to have a domain and hosting and all will be done in minutes. After the launching of PrestaShop cloud, the need of buying separate hosing is eliminated. All is fine upto the point but the next step is most important i.e. website management which includes Layout of home page, category products and other landing pages.

How to manage Content on PrestaShop Web store?

First impression is the last impression. Therefore managing the content and product details is more important. Your content should be more organized on Home and product pages. In this scenario, tabs play an important role to organize the data.

PrestaShop Product tabs

At Home Page

At home page of PrestaShop store, it is better to have product organized in tabs such as top seller, Hot, new, Featured, Free etc. If you theme allows tabs creation, then you can do it however in the other case, you can use top sellers tab ecommerce plugin for tabs creation.

At Product Page

At Product page, you can create tabs like product description, reviews, videos, screenshots, download etc. to make the product page unique and compact. You can use information tabs PrestaShop plugin to create tabs on Product pages.

How to Use PrestaShop Product Tabs Module by FME?

Extra product tabs PrestaShop Module involves simple configuration and settings to install and configure this module on PrestaShop store. Given below the steps to create product tabs using this PrestaShop extra information tab plug-in;


Step 1: Go to the backend panel of your PrestaShop store and fill in the credentials.

account login

Step 2: Go to MODULES>modules and access to Product Tabs Module by FMEModules. Click on configure button.


Step 3: Fill in the necessary information for the product tabs and finally click on save button. As a sample, we created here a tab name “Product Vides”.

create product tab

Product Tabs Editing

You can edit or delete the already existing fields from the module configuration also.

Edit or delete tabs


Go to frontend of store where you can see the newly created tab that is “Product Videos” on product page.

front end product tabs


PrestaShop add new product tabs Module provides a good way to merchants to manage a huge date on product page in a compact manner. Moreover users can find the desired information in tabs more easily.


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