How to Create Home Tabs in PrestaShop 1.5 – User Guide?

If you have a PrestaShop store and want to show products on home page, then what is the most effective way to display them? This is probably the most important question because home page actually represents your whole site. Customer buying decision largely depends on home page. Therefore product representation should be most attractive.

How to make your Product Representation more attractive in PrestaShop?

The most effective way to represent your product in tabs like Top Seller, Hot, New, Free, Premium, Features etc. So that customer wants to check each tab separately. It is natural that when customers visit a site, they first like to check top seller, hot and free products. Therefore, organizing products in this way will give exposure to your products.


How to Make Home Page Tabs in PrestaShop 1.5?

If you are using PrestaShop 1.5, you need to customize your theme or use a home tabs module. For PrestaShop 1.6, tabs are already available to use. Given below user guide for PrestaShop Homepage Tabs addons;

Backend Demo                                                                                            

Step 1: Go to backend of Store and fill in the credentials.

account login

Step 2: Go to Modules>modules and search for FME Home Tabs, then click on configuration.

Home Tabs Configuration

Step 3: Go to Add new tab section and click on + sign.

create new tab

Step 4: Clicking add new tab will opens up a page where you can enter details for new tab.

Multiple Tabs detail

Finally click on save.

Frontend Demo

Go to frontend demo of your website, where you can see a new tab created.


New tabs creation using PrestaShop Homepage custom tab is possible with simple settings. Use this plugin to give high exposure to different products of your store.


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