How to Show Popup on different Pages of PrestaShop Store? – User Guide

Most of the people think that notification popup appearing on an online store annoys the customer and they may leave the store just after opening it. This is not true if popup are used in a right way. For example, when a customer lands on an online store and a popup appears there to tell him that

  • A discount of 10% is available on this store
  • Subscribe to newsletter and get a free product
  • Like the Facebook Page and get 20% discount
  • Subscribe for newsletter and get a gift hamper

Customers like such notifications that are giving them a benefit in free. In return, merchants will be able to collect information of related customers that obviously will help them to make strong customer base. The discussion shows that popup are equally beneficial for store owners and merchants.

PrestaShop Popup

Notification popup are a good source of traffic because they catch the customers’ attention at the right time. Here we will discuss that how fancy box popups can be created in PrestaShop store.

How to Show Popup on different page of PrestaShop Store?

This function is not available by default in PrestaShop. However popup can be created be popup creator modules. Such module has extended features of popup customization and enabling/disabling them for different page like home page, category and product pages.

Given below the guide to use PrestaShop Fancy Popup Box module by FMEModules;

User Guide

After installation of this PrestaShop notification bar plugin, you have to pass through following steps.


Step 1: Go to backend of your store and fill in the credentials.

account login

Step 2:  Go to MODULES>modules and access Notification Box by FMEModules. Click on configure.


Step 3: From configuration page, click on + button to create a new popup.

create popup prestashop

Step 4: On the new popup creation page, fill the necessary fields as shown in figure.

Popup create 1

popup create 2

popup create 3

Step 5: Click on save button.

Front End

Go to frontend of your store, where you will see that a popups suddenly opens up when a new visitors comes there as per the settings of the backend.

Popup home page


Popups good or bad depends on their use. If used efficiently they can bring more sales and traffic however a bad way of displaying popup will really cause loses for you.


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