How to Use PrestaShop One Step Checkout FME’s Module? – User Guide

When we look different reasons of abandoned carts in ecommerce, multi-step checkout is among one of the main reason. Coming to the next step that why multi-step is problem, some reasons are totally oblivious that are;

  • Customers want to consume less time for shopping.
  • Customers may lose internet connection/power outage during lengthy checkout.
  • Customers may have to perform some other activity and after that they forget to come back to checkout of your web-store.
  • Customers may feel annoyance for clicking next button to go to next step.

Therefore, to reduce abandoned carts merchants should prefer one step checkout.

How to Enable One Step Checkout in PrestaShop?

PrestaShop and Magento by default have 5 step checkout processes. If you have decided to go for one step checkout, you need to customize the checkout. One Step Checkout module is a readymade solution to enable this feature in PrestaShop.

Some must have Features for Your One Step Checkout Page

  1. If customers are already registered, one step checkout will automatically pick the user date during one step checkout.
  2. It should support guest checkout.
  3. Check out page should be simple with clear background.
  4. Checkout page should have only most necessary fields.
  5. It should support different information block like Account, delivery method, Delivery Address, payment methods, order preview(facility to delete products from checkout) i.e. all the 5 page steps will be shown in block in one page.

How to Use One Step Checkout FME’s Module?

We will give you here the overview of backend and front-end demo of this PrestaShop One Page Checkout plugin.

One Step Checkout For PrestaShop

Backend Settings

Step 1: After purchasing this module, login to the backend of your store, then go to MODULES>modules, import the zip file and install.

account login

Step 2: Go to MODULES>modules and access PrestaShop quick checkout module, click on configure button.

one step backend

Step 3: On configuration page, you will see three sections.

three sections

Step 4: Go to Interface Section and give title for One step Checkout page.

Title of one step chekcout

Step 5: Go to visual option and change the color of the one step checkout.

visual options

Step 6: Go to Order Configuration page and do the settings for orders.

order confirmation

Frontend Demo

Go to frontend demo of your store and where you can see the changes that you have done from the backend. Obviously this will be a fast one step checkout.

One Step frontend


One Step checkout is a good solution to reduce abandoned cart rate of PrestaShop Store. Get this module today and go for healthy sales.


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