How to Use Help Desk Eticket Module by FME – User Guide

Today we are discussing the most wanted module of PrestaShop e.g. Help Desk Eticket Module which is capable to enable an e-ticketing system on your PrestaShop store. This module provides comprehensive set of features that makes easy ticket management for the merchants and also customers can communicate with the merchants in a systematic way.

help desk

Why Eticket System is needed in PrestaShop?

Customers complaint management is a difficult task if you’re using traditional system of fixing support related issue. Such traditional systems are just like;

  • Through call on Phone or skype
  • Through Email
  • Through Social Profiles

These all are manual ways for giving support takes a lot of time and more chances of confusions between customers and merchants resulting in loss of customers. Therefore why not use a ticket management system for this purpose, which can make the whole process really simple.

How to Use Help Desk Eticket Module by FME?

We suppose here that you have installed this PrestaShop support module. Now you should have to follow the given below steps;

Step 1: Go to backend demo of this module and fill in the credentials.

account login

Step 2: From dashboard of your store go to HELPDESK from left menu where you will see 6 separate sections.

help desk

Step 3: Go to HELPDESK>manage tickets section, where you can see all tickets. Clicking on any ticket, ticket detail page will open up. From ticket detail page you can reply ticket, change ticket status, change ticket department, change ticket priority, add signature or select close ticket on reply.

manage tickets

ticket detail 1

ticket detail 2

You can also define internal notes for departments here.

internal notes

Step 4: Go to HELPDESK>manage ticket status from where you can do settings for active/closed status of tickets.

manage status

manage status 1

Step 5: Go to HELPDESK>manage ticket priorities from where you can edit priorities title, color and enable/disable.

ticket priority

Step 6: Go to HELPDESK>manage departments from where you can make and manage new departments. (Click on + sign to create new department).

manage depatments

Step 7: Go to HELPDESK>manage email templates from where you can edit emails templates. You can set here two type of templates user to admin and admin to user. These templates will be sent to user and admin when a new ticket is created or replied.

manage email tempalte

Step 8: Go to HELPDESK>manage premade replies from where you can define and manage pre-made replies for the tickets. (Click on + sign to create new pre-made reply).

pre-made replies

Module Testing

Go to frontend demo of the store and from the opened page create new tickets using your email address. When you create reply, an email notification will be sent to you in your email about your ticket information. This notification email will also be sent to admin (email templates are defined in Step 7). After the ticket creation, admin can go to backend, see all tickets and reply from there. You can use pre-made replies as you have learnt to create in step 8.


This module is loaded with extra functionalities Pre-made replies, internal notes, custom ticket status, and custom ticket priorities, create signatures for departments. Also ticket creator can reply the ticket directly from their email.


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