How to Clean PrestaShop URLs using Pretty URLs Module? – User Guide

It is quite clear fact that Google likes those websites and activities that are liked by the internet searchers and vice versa. It means that Google ranks those sites better that are more user friendly including their urls and content and overall browsing experience.

PrestaShop Clean URL

In today’s post, we will explain that which url structure is good for PrestaShop stores. By default, PrestaShop urls contains Ids, numbers and tags that are considered ugly by Google as they are not according to Google guidelines. This reason is just as explained in the first paragraph i.e. these urls are not most relevant to customers query. On the other side, clean urls exhibits category, sub category and products in an organized way without ids, so Google likely to rank them better in SERPs.

Ugly URL:

Pretty URL:

How to Clean PrestaShop URLs from useless information?

By default PrestaShop has option to clean urls at store backend i.e. Preferences -> SEO and URLs. Turing it on makes the urls clean but it still contains ids that must be removed so that urls become completely pretty. For this purpose, FMEModules has developed Pretty Urls Plugin that has ability to remove the ids automatically and redirect the urls permanently to new clean address.

How to Clean Urls using Pretty URLs Module?

Given here a user guide to use this Pretty URLs Module on your PrestaShop store;

This seo url PrestaShop module automatically removes the ids, number and tags from the ursl once installed on a PrestaShop store. But keep in mind that this plugin cleans only product urls, for cleaning CMS page urls of your store, you can do it manually through backend following the given steps;

Page by Page URLs Settings                                 

Go to backend of your Store and PREFERENCES>SEO and URLs where you will find different pages of your store. You can edit/rewrite their urls as shown in figure.

PrestaShop Clean URL

PrestaShop Clean URL

General Settings

Turn on friendly urls and turn off accented urls. Here accented urls means that either special characters are allowed to appear here or not.

PrestaShop Clean URL

Set Shop URL

You can set shop domain, ssl domain and base url here.

PrestaShop Clean URL

Schema of urls

You can set the scheme of urls here as shown.

PrestaShop Clean URL

Robots file generation

You can generate robot.txt file from here.

PrestaShop Clean URL


PrestaShop url id remover is quite an amazing plugin that automatically turns the urls to pretty free form ids.


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