PrestaShop Call for Price PrestaShop Module – User Guide

It is an advance business strategy to hide the prices of products from your competitors. In this way, it is possible to offer products at lesser prices as compared to market and get more sales. This is Ok upto the concept of this strategy but when we start implementation on PrestaShop store, it becomes pretty confusing. The reason is that if the prices are not visible at product page then customers may feel confusion that what is the price and what is the further procedure to purchase this product.


Feeling the problem of PrestaShop merchants, “FMEModules” has developed Call for Price module which enables the customers to hide the price and add to cart button from the product page and instead show a custom text like Call us at 1728-901 for purchasing the product. In this way, interested customer will call the retailer and get the product according to the procedure specified.

call for price button

How Call for Price is Useful?

Call for price feature is quite useful for ecommerce in the following way;

  • Hide the price of product from competitors
  • Hide price for free products
  • Hide price for out of stock products
  • Hide price for those product for which you want to bargain with the customers
  • Hide price when buying procedure is different from normal procedure

Given below a user guide for this hide prices PrestaShop module that will help you understand the working procedure of this plug-in;

User Guide

There are two settings for this PrestaShop hide prices module;

  • Module Configuration
  • Product Association with Hide Price

Module Configuration: After installation of this module from backend, go to MODULES>modules and search for Call for Price by FMEModules. Click on configuration button from where you can set formatting of call for Price block as shown in figure;

call for price button

call for price

Product Association with Hide Price:

Step 1: Go to CATALOG>products and where you can see the entire products available in your store. Click on Edit button for which you want to show call for price button.

call for price

Step 2: From product detail page, go to Prices and set all the prices to 0.00 including taxes.

call for price button

Go to frontend, where you can see a call for price button on product page for which you have set prices to zero in step 2.

call for price button


Hiding price is of course a great feature of ecommerce. Hopefully, you can get an edge over your competitors by using this feature. It can bring double benefit for you, i.e. more sales and good relation with the customers.


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