How to Show Home Page Testimonials in PrestaShop? – User Guide

You have probably seen lot of PrestaShop ecommerce store that shows their customer testimonials at home page footer. These reviews are quite helpful to convince the new customers’ right at the first page. The problem that we are addressing today is that you can’t show lot of testimonials there because it will slow down the speed of your whole site.

Then what to do?

Only show 2, 3 reviews. No way!

Because greater the number the testimonials greater the chances of sales. We are not saying that add infinite reviews. You just need to show appropriate number of feedback e.g. maximum 10 to 15.



In this case, you can make a separate page (shown in main menu) on your home page that will directs to separate landing page of reviews where new customers can see the reviews topic wise e.g. reviews for whole site, reviews for custom support and services, reviews for products etc.

Adding a new cms page in PrestaShop is just easy from the store backend but here the aim is to show testimonials in most presentable way. For this purpose plug-in like Advance testimonials is quite helpful to manage and show customer testimonials in an effective way.

Some Must Have features for Testimonials Page

The testimonial should have following features;

  1. Read more button in case of lengthy testimonial
  2. Limit the no. of testimonials on single page
  3. Allow to submit new testimonials
  4. Testimonials slider block
  5. Testimonials rate and reviews feature
  6. Testimonial reply or comment
  7. Image of customer with testimonial
  8. Admin defined user groups who can post testimonials
  9. Email settings for testimonial moderation
  10. Smooth layout of testimonial page

Given below a user guide for this PrestaShop advance testimonials module

User Guide

At the backend, there are two types of settings involved;

  • Module Configuration Settings
  • Manage Testimonial settings

We will go through here from both setting.

Module Configuration Settings

Step 1: Go to backend of the demo and fill in the credentials seen at the demo page.

account login

Step 2: Go to MODULES>modules and search for Product Testimonials by FMM Modules. Click on module configuration.

advance testimonials

Step 3: On the configuration page, you will see 8 different sections. Go to each section one by one.

advance Testimonials

Testimonial List

From here you can enable/disable module, sort reviews, set title, meta and enable/disable read more link. These are general settings.

customer feedback

Add Testimonials Settings

From here you can set the Add testimonials button label, enable/disable Captcha, allow/disallow user groups for posting reviews, enable/disable admin approval for new testimonials.

add testimonial button

Show Hide Form Fields

From here, admin can allow to show/hide fields for add testimonial form.

customer testimonials

Custom fields

From here, admin can add/edit extra fields on add testimonial form.

custom fields

Testimonials Block Settings

From here, admin can do testimonials block settings like block type, title, number of testimonials, read more link, slider effect, slider timeout etc.

Product Testimonials

Testimonials Theme

You can set different type of themes for testimonials section landing page.


Email Settings

From here, admin can set email notification for new testimonials. Set admin email, email sender name, and subject.

email settings

Manage Testimonial settings

At PrestaShop dashboard, go to ADVANCE TESTIMONIALS>manage testimonial where you can see and manage all testimonials. You can also create new testimonial by your own in case, customers have given reviews through some other platform and you want to show them here on product page.


New Testimonial Page Settings

You can edit following settings for testimonials as given in the images here.

advance testimnials


Fronted Display

Go to frontend demo where you can see product page testimonials, listing page for testimonials and add a testimonial form respectively.

PrestaShop testimonials

Users can add new testimonials by clicking Add Testimonials Button

add testimonial


If you’re a business starter and want to stabilize the business, get positive reviews from your current customers and became a successful seller.


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