Importance of Meta Descriptions in the Search Results for Online Stores

PrestaShop SEO

Are you explaining your site visitors in 2, 3 phrases, what they are expecting on your website? For instance, you use so called Description tag. In Google’s language, it is called Meta Description. All key search engines like Yahoo and Google etc. uses your description tag. The question arises here, where should you add this description tag? Today we will discuss how and where you can create separate Meta titles for CMS, Categories and product pages?

With the passage of time period, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is varying and evolving, so being an e-merchant it’s important for you to keep up yourself with optimization trends and techniques. Meta tags should be in all of your WebPages, instead of just in first index page. You should make sure that on every page of your site, relevant Meta tags are added.

While creating Meta tags, relevant and correspond to the text on exact page keywords and phrases should be added. It might be a lot of work but don’t worry if you are running a PrestaShop based shopping cart. Now, with PrestaShop Search Engine Optimization Module you can automatically creates Meta title and keywords for Category, CMS, and product pages on your site. This SEO Module is consisting on intelligent formula for this purpose and it ensures that your website is in good books of search engine.

You may think that anything you place in your Meta description tag will be default description and search engine will use it under the clickable link to your site in search result. Sometimes this happens but not always.

Suppose that, if you are opening a URL in search engine Google will use first few words up to round about 25 for your Meta Description in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

On the other hand, Bing and Yahoo! Do not always default to the Meta description tag for URL searches. Sometime they do or some time not.

Obviously, real humans are not typically searching for a site by URL, so it is not important that what the search engine is showing for those types of search queries as a true keyword search. So you need, not to hung up on, what you see when you search for your website by its URL.

How Can Small Businesses Benefit from SEO: Few Tips

Are you a Small Businessman and do you want to take your venture to the next level? Have you considered SEO for your website, if not then it will be hard to know about its benefits. SEO involves techniques, tactics and strategies to drive traffic to your website and get high ranks in search results.

SEO Tips for Small Business

Here are few tips to take benefit for a small business from search engine optimization (SEO).

 1.     For Starters, SEO will be helpful to create a faster, friendly and better website. Despite of name, the search engine optimization is not only about search engines but the focus is on the users. When users are happy the search engines will be automatically happy.

2.     A well SEO optimized website should be compatible with tablet and mobile devices. This will provide more conversions i.e. visitors coming to your website and they would like to become your regular customers, subscribers or loyal visitors.

 3.     Build your brand awareness by using search engine optimization. Users more likely trust your brand when it appears in top ranking of first page.

4.     A website with higher ranking will gain more social media exposure. Popularity through social media is a good sign of SEO and it brings more visibility through social media. Both of them have a by-directional relationship between each other. Searches through like, +1 page and tweet are most likely to be visible in the first page of Search engine than a page that do not have good ranking.

PrestaShop Software

Plenty of softwares are available on the Internet to improve On Page SEO, like PrestaShop SEO Extension can automatically provide all the on page SEO services due to its intelligent formula.   Download and try it by yourself.

4 Helpful Tips to Increase the Speed of Your PrestaShop Store

Is your PrestaShop web store is slow? Did your website take long page time to load? In the Ecommerce world the website speed directly effects your business and a slow speed website surely take your bounce rate to new height. So, If you want to prevent your customers from bouncing rate then follow these 4 tips to make your PrestaShop store more lightning quick.

1. Web Hosting For Your Web Store


There are many web hosting companies which are offering from $1 to $3 hosting per month, but many of them do not suit for your PrestaShop site. So always get hosting where your website works like an engine.

Recommended web hosting sites are bluehost, hostgator and hosting etc.

2. Disable the Used PrestaShop Extensions in Web Store

ImageWhen you install a PrestaShop module in your web store, it comes with fully-equipped features. But not every feature is for every merchant, some of these modules will likely to be never used by your web store.

These modules decrease the speed of your website. That’s why disable these modules which are not in use. By doing this means these plug-ins will never have to load. This will be a greatly accelerating step to speed up your web store.

3. Offload Your Status in Web Store

ImagePrestaShop contains built in statistics but the better one is Google analytics.

Google analytics is the best tools to know about your visitors. You can use Google analytics with your server status to keep track and at the same time you will notice a marked increases in your website.

4. Well Optimize Your Webs Store


There are normally two tools which you can use to optimize your web store and these are Google page speed and Yslow. These two tools will deeply locate your web store speed and they will correct them too. These two tools will reduce the number of request which your web store makes.

For better performance of your web store view PrestaShop SEO Module.  

Tips on How to Improve SEO For Your PrestaShop On line store

If you have a PrestaShop online store and you want to well facilitate your customers then you should have to keep practicing various good strategies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Kick start your PrestaShop online business with Advance PrestaShop SEO Module and Improve SEO for your Ecommerce store with the following tips. 1. Title and Meta Description must be Unique and Relevant

Title and meta description must be unique and relevant

These are the most important tags for your online web store. Make sure that all of these titles and descriptions must be accurately describing your products and services.

Take an example of that “Mobile Phone. Title: “Best Mobile Phone by Samsung company in USA(In title the optimization length which search engine accepts must be less than 65 characters) Description: “ This mobile phone company is providing a best service in the USA…….. (In the description the optimization length which search engine accepts is about 160 characters). 2. Avoid URL Duplication to Stay Safe From Penalization


It’s up to you that whether you choose your website like this or this When search engine crawler crawls both URLs as a separate sites so it will find a duplicate content between them, so it may negatively mark both of the URL’s. In order to avoid duplication you must use one URL for homepage to stay safe from penalization. 3. Avoid the Duplication of Content


Search engines is improving its understanding power day by day. Thats why you should not have to copy and paste any type of description and URL. Always use relevant keywords for your product pages to get good SERP’s. As you know that content is the king, so always use unique and quality content to attract search engines and increase website traffic.

4. Use keywords in the URL


Avoid those types of URLs which looks like a math equation or looks odd.




Use keywords in the URLs for better SEO. In PrestaShop the URL rewriting is a native feature which can be found under Preference > SEO & URLs .

5. XML Site map in Google


XML site map contains all the URLs of your website and you can define the priority of every web page. The main purpose of submitting your website is to gain more visibility in search engines.The search engines took 1 week/month to index your pages to give better ranking.

5 Most Wanted PrestaShop Modules

This article will be a combination of 5 most wanted PrestaShop modules. PrestaShop is open source and free solution for eCommerce. It supports all the payment gateways via their respective APIs. PrestaShop was launched in August 2007 and it is under an open source License. This software is written in PHP. MySQL is it’s default engine. This software is currently used by 13,500 shops worldwide. PrestaShop won the best Open-Source business application award back in 2010, and 2011. Its plugins are used to enhance web shops. Here are the top 5 PrestaShop Add-on for eCommerce websites.

eCommerce Shopping1. PrestaShop SEO Module

This advance SEO module is used to configure the important On Page SEO components of Product pages. This module automatically creates Meta title, keywords and description for categories and CMS pages. Due to its intelligent formula it greatly helps to increase website’s traffic and SERP’s ranking.The sales volume is also increased by using this search engine optimization tool.


Get this PrestaShop SEO Module

 2. PrestaShop Checkout Module

This PrestaShop plug-in has changed the whole experience of checkout. This extension is very quick, easy to understand and elegant. By using this extension the customers do not have to go for six steps instead of one step checkout. This add-on allows customers to communicate with store owner through a comment box on the checkout page. From admin section this plug-in is easy to understand and manage. The other features of its backend section are multi color schemes, editable information and no page reloads.

ImageGet PrestaShop Quick Checkout

3. PrestaShop Blog Module

This extension is used to build an attractive and meaningful blog. This extension creates separate landing pages for blog posts. It supports comments with captcha, article’s block and images /video. This module also configures Metas for every product page. Other features of this add-on are enable read more links, limited number of blog posts per page and related posts are displayed with articles e.g cross/up sells.

ImageGet this PrestaShop Press Release module

4. PrestaShop Calendar Module

This Prestashop add-on is used to manage events on your PrestaShop website. This module can use Google maps, social sharing, image gallery, events block and many other stuff to utilize and display events. By using this module the customers can easily share favorite events on Facebook, Twitter and over 20 other social networks.

ImageGet PrestaShop Events Manager

5. PrestaShop Customer Feedback Module

The words from the mouth of the customers are very important about your every business or product. This PrestaShop module helps you to show off and manage all the testimonials on your website. Showing customers testimonials on your website is a very convenient way to bring more sales. This plug-in is very easy to use and understand from admin section. It will provide you advance features to handle the fronted section. This module also supports images with the testimonial. The customer can give feedback, rating and review with images.

ImageGet this Prestashop Customer Review Module

So, these were the 5 most wanted PrestaShop modules. Get all these modules to your PrestaShop website and make your blog attractive.

Google Webmaster Says Robots.Txt Blocks “/index.php?controller=authentication” which is in the sitemap

The aim of this article is to answer the top five questions asked in Prestashop forum about robots.txt and sitemap.xml. It is one of the most Popular Questions ask in Prestashop Community and other communities.

The robots.txt file generated by using the Prestashop default features contain line which is “Disallow: /*controller=authentication.” and auto generated sitemaps include the controller URL which give birth to a Google error (sitemap contains urls blocked by Robots.txt) which can only be removed by synchronizing both files manually.

Solution # 1 – Remove It from Sitemap and keep it blocked – Recommended

Manually edit sitemap and remove resubmit it after removing controller=authentication URL. This solution is recommended as there are strong reasons justify why PrestaShop by default block this controller URL.

In order to remove it from sitemap follow these steps:

1. Login to your site FTP and download the sitemap.
2. Open it using dreamviewer and edit it manually.
3. Remove all the URLs containing “controller=authentication”.
4. Save the edited sitemap and upload it in the website.
5. Upload the sitemap in FTP using similar sitemap name and replace the existing sitemap if ask.
6. Do not forget to back old sitemap.

Solution # 2 – Remove disallow command from robots.txt

Following are steps to remove this disallow command from robots.txt:

1. Login to your site FTP and download the robots.txt.
2. Open it in notepad edits it manually.
3. Remove Disallow: /*controller=authentication.
4. Save the edited robots.txt upload it in the website.
5. Do not forget to back old robots.txt.
6. Upload and Replace the existing robots.txt file through FTP.

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